Rock Band Peripheral Apocalypse

What a weekend it's been. Finally got to grips with off-beat bass pedal rhythms and got down to just 3 songs left to complete Hard. It was all going so well then...the curse of the snapped bass pedal struck. Shitbags.

This is, as we say round my way, totally fucked.
This is, as we say round my way, totally fucked.

Time to play some guitar.

Just 2 songs to go to complete Expert. Then, guess what? That's right kids the god damnned strum bar broke and now only works on upstrokes. Time to get on to the EA warranty peeps. With the RHCP DLC due this week it'll be tough having to do without my Rock Band fix.

Oh Rock Band, I love you too much to be mad. xxx

Upgraded to 120GB HD

After a 6 month long slurge on Rock Band DLC, my 20GB hard drive was full to bursting and I was worried that with both RB2 and GH:WT on the horizon that things were only going to get worse.

I'd had to delete a number of Arcade and Originals stuff that I'd bought in the past to make room.

Something had to be done, so I finally bought the 120GB drive. The transfer process was easy and relatively quick (1hr 45 min) and I now have tons of room and have redownloaded all of the stuff that I'd deleted in the past.

So roomy.


Activision - The New EA?

A few years back everyone seemed to hate EA. They had become the Microsoft of games publishers - a huge faceless monolith that shat out cookie cutter sequels and licensed properties endlessly.

Since Riccitiello arrived last year, EA seems to have made a lot of steps in the right direction and press feedback and coverage has been far more  positive than any time I can remember in the past 5 years..

EA Partners
Great acquisitions - Bioware, Pandemic
New IPs

Meanwhile, Activision, under the reign of Bobby Kotick seem to have become more like the old EA, with sequelitis and IP overkill. They've been getting generally unfavourable press with their preview days  and E3 press conferences gaining little buzz (despite having some genuinely good titles in the pipeline).

Even the once untouchable Blizzard (now part of the Activiion fold after last year's merger) have begun to feel the pain. Their recent Diablo III annoucement set off legions of fanboys the world over, complaining about it's graphical style or 'WoW Gayness' as one indignant hater referred to it.

Strange days indeed.

Braid - Done

Finally completed it today. I had to hit up a guide for hints on a couple of the puzzle pieces which was a last resort.

Overall, I'd say I was impressed with the game. It did a lot of clever things with some very simple gameplay mechanics.

Jonathan Blow could do some amazing things with the right team around him - if one of the major studios is prepared to invest in something risky but worthwhile.

Meanwhile, I hope he make some money  - it's well deserved.


LittleBIGPlanet : Why Am I Still Not Convinced?

I think I must have a heart of stone. This game is cute, incredibly so. It has most of the enthusiast press bursting with anticipation. Sony is holding it up as a system seller.

Yet I'm still struggling. Yeah, it looks good and the potential for user-generated content is massive. But there are niggling doubts that it's all just a case of style over substance. 

I think it's going to be one of those titles that won't make sense until I get it in my hands and start playing it. 

Until then, the jury's still out.

I Want To Believe (that it won't be shit)
I Want To Believe (that it won't be shit)


The Official QuakeCon 2008 ShameTarp

Shawn Elliott of GFW Radio/1UP Network visited QuakeCon 2008 and made a couple of funny as fuck tours of the showfloor. Head over to and check them out.

Shawn Elliott shows off the infamous SHAMETARP at QuakeCon 2008
Shawn Elliott shows off the infamous SHAMETARP at QuakeCon 2008

Geo Wars 2 - Why Do You Hate Me?

Why do you mock me when I love you so?

I have a real sado-masochistic relationship with GW2. I love it yet it treats me like an idiot and laughs in my face at my pathetic attempts at high scores.

If this was a real relationship it could only be described as abusive.

Me: I love you GW2

GW2: Fuck you shithead. You disgust me. Your attempts at high scores are laughable. Don't even look at me (cracks whip).

Me: You're so right, I'm worthless...just one more go

GeoWars 2 gives me some stern discipline
GeoWars 2 gives me some stern discipline

SOAD - coming to DLC 5th August

I've looking forward to the System of a Down tracks that are part of this week's RB DLC.

Toxicity and BYOB

...a bit of Aerials would be a nice addition if you're listening Harmonix.

I love me some Aerials, sir.
I love me some Aerials, sir.
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