Rock Band/Guitar Hero DLC Wish List

This is a list, in no order of preference, of albums (or even just some of the tracks from ) I'd like to see in RB and/or GH:WT


  • Metallica - Black Album, Master of Puppers
  • Rush - Moving Pictures, Permanent Waves
  • Protest the Hero - Fortress
  • Megadeth - So far, So good...So what?
  • Opeth - Ghost Reveries
  • System of a Down - Toxicity
  • Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake
  • Killswitch Engage - End of the Heartache
  • Atreyu - Leads Sails, Paper Anchor
  • King's X - Gretchen Goes to Nebraska
  • Coheed and Cambria - No World For Tomorrow
  • Faith No More - The Real Thing, Angel Dust

These are just a few that come into mind straight away and I'm sure that I'll think of more.


Rock Band - Confessions of an Addict

I picked up Rock BAnd on it's UK release date and have been surprised how much it has become part of my gaming regime.

I'd previously enjoyed GH, GH2 and GH3 a lot but they never seemed to have as many reasons to keep me coming back. Once the career mode had been exhausted I found myself less interested in returning.

Where Rock Band has really excelled is in keeping the title alive with DLC. Every week I find myself buying some of the new releases and getting back into playing the game all over again. Also, I think the difficulty curve is less demanding than the GH series (excluding the drums which I'm still getting to grips with on Hard) and therefore more enjoyable andfun. GH3 really pushed up the difficulty level and, in my opinion, lost some of the fun along the way.

I though long and hard about buying Rock Band as it was an expensive investment (I could have bought a Wii instead) but I've truly been surprised how much value I've had from it.

Hopefully GH will adopt the Rock Band ethos in World Tour and not make it a hardcore wankfest.

I still have 2 guitar tracks to complete in Expert and I'm making my way through drums on Hard. Time to get back to work.......

.....BTW Harmonix, please let us have a Bass Career mode in RB2.

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