Bioshock Completed - Finally!!

I started Bioshock on it's UK release date in August 07 and really enjoyed working through it. Then I hit a brick wall with a part near the end.

I tried and tried but couldn't get past it. In the old days I would have kept at it until I'd got past this barrier but I've realized that nowadays my attention span is much shorter and when I hit a game stopper I rarely have the appetite or patience to get past it.

Now, I'm not advocating that games should be easy - that would be dumb. I just wish that play-testing made some of these difficulty spikes a thing of the past. 

Last week I went back to Bioshock and managed to make it past the part I'd previously been blocked at and made it to the end with little difficulty. The ending was really great, but I'd have enjoyed it even more if I'd experienced it back in Aug 07 when the plot and characters were fresh in my mind.

It also made me think that the announced sequel seems a little unnecessary.

Anyway, a great game that only took me 17 months to complete. For shame.