Snake/Kratos 08

Names You Can Trust
Considering that one of them is a clone of a great solider and has spent his entire life fighting, and the other is in fact The God of War maybe one of them would have the know how, and the elbow grease to get us out of iraq.

Plus Kratos destroying people at a Debate would be hilarious. Odds are Kratos would probably just force His way into office reguardless of the vote and probably stay longer than 2 terms. 
Untill someone catches President Snake humping an unconscous guard.
That would be kinda hard to explain.

My Problem with Dragonforce

Since i still cant sleep i'll do another blog here this time about something that has been plaguing me for quite a while.

That thing is Dragonforce.

Fire? Check, Flames? Check
Fire? Check, Flames? Check

Yes, Yes that band that made that long ass Fire and Flames song, yeah that band. The one you never really cared for nor heard about except in ads in revolver, and from that one buddy of yours who claims he's discovering new talent by listing to what no one else is and its music at its purist.

Ok........It was the last song you could unlock in Guitar Hero 3.
With me now?

 Well believe it or not they actually have more than that one song and were actually formed in 98 and blah blah blah blah bloody England blah blah blah. Go to wikipidea to find the whole story here's what i care about.

Basically they have 5 studio albums, all of which ive legally purchased *cough* downloaded *cough* and i gotta say they are pretty mediocre.

Now hold the phone, dont call the townsfolk and get the pitchforks and torches, let me elaborate.

Dragonforce is good at what they do, and thats speed. I doubt even Slayer in their hay-day could go as fast as dragonforce. Being a huge Slayer fan (not one of the Neo-Nazi fans just a regular fan) I have to smack myself everytime i utter that statement but its true.
Dragonforce is about the fastest thing ive heard that you can actually listen to and not go "What the fu*k!" through most of it.

There are probably a few bands out there that cna play faster but probably not with all the key factors of songs, melodys, bridges, etc. its probably just some guy making noise and calling it a song.

Where was i.....Oh yeah. But the problem with the speed is that it goes nowhere,  its just one giant solo with some lyrics mixed in. Correct me if iam wrong but isnt a solo supposed to be the proverbial peak of the song and not the song itslef. The solo, as ive always thought of its is ment to be the point where the songs almost over, and the guitarist give you one giant kick in the balls (but in a good way) before the last chorus.

But DF (tired of typing out whole name, so sue me) defies logic and thats where my main problem lies. Most of their songs drag on (get it, drag...on...*rim-shot*) for 6-8 minutes. Thats just minutes of this guitar going on and on and on and on and on, a little bit of lyrics, main solo, on and on and end song.

With the exception of maybe 5 songs out of their entire catalog everything just mashes together and leaves me wondering why they would do that. Hurt and confused like a child that just had his bike stolen.

Its one thing to have speed but to be able to turn into into a song with structure is real talent and i juasthope that DF has an epiphany and they realise their flaw and turn themselves around. If they could some how turn their speed into more than what would settle for a Technical demo, or as i like to call it a "HEY LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!" tape they'd be set.

...that and they shortened their times, or....something. Cuase i can sit through 8 minutes of metallica any day of the week, because it has content that keeps me in the zone, i dont get bored with it and wonder when it will stop and the next track comes on. But DF usually gets boring about a third of the way through with just about any song they have. I dont know about you folks but i cant keep my head banging for 8 minutes just because the guitar is going fast ive got to hear something that (for lack of a less gayer term) feeds my soul and ignites the fire (*rimshot*) in me.

 With out any sustinance in the music your just trying to play really really really fast, and feed off your pouplarity from a videogame and praying that you can still play as fast as you can 5-10 years down the line when you are not as popular.

Blazing with the force of a dragon!
Blazing with the force of a dragon!

Of course you could argue that they've got a good thing going and they should probably just ride it out till people are sick of them.

In that case i'll call you an idiot, and then tell you to bugger off because iam tired and iam going to go try to get some effing sleep. Its almost 3 in the god damned morning. And be glad there were only 2 Dragon puns in the whole thing, i could have put a whole lot more in there.



So first blog post eh?

Yeah...i honestly dont get blogs, never really got the point of them. Why would anybody post their thoughts and opinions on some website in the corner of the internet, just to get them out there to the "public"?

I'll tell you why, boredom and insomnia. Its why i am doing it.

Since i do loathe blogs so i'll just use this one to help me get to sleep in the wee hours of the morning, and to also  rant about whatever i feel like, mostly music, and games. I am not gonna put anythign about my personal life, or some stupid poem that i wrote while i was on the crapper that i thought was great and deep. Nor will you hear about my illigimate children (if i have any) or stupid crap about my pets, or anything like that.

This is a site for games, go to myspace if you want horrible Goth Lit.

Instead your gonna get the insane and mediocre and sometimes repetitive rants of a boaring insomniac. But atleast you dont have to worry about horriable spelling errors, or stupid L33t speak. Or something that looks as if it's been written by some one with a mental ailment.

So theres a plus.......i guess

If you've read this far you've no doubt read my "profile" and it still stands, if you really want ot know something just ask. If not, who cares!?

Ya think i wanna tell you about me ya mook?