street dateing games is the stupidest thing ever

yesterday I was at a gamestop and they had 30 copies of riddick and 30 copies of the godfather 2 just sitting on the desk, and its week before they come out.
 they are like "no no we can't sell them for a week" why not you have them your going to sell them anyways, and people that are waiting for those games would be super happy to get them a week early. Basically I'm saying I have money you have game, lets make a deal here.
If they get them a week early and don't sell them for that week whats the difference between just getting them the day before like non street dated games.


Gamestop is NOT the root of all evil.....sorry

I love trading in I would not have half the games I have if not for trading in.
people are just stupid about trading in that's all. Basically everyone hates gamestop because its the evil empire and is cool to hate them.
everyone is crying about how gamestop will only give them 3 bucks for their 3 year old crappy game, which is just stupid. You have to be smart about
wait till there's a deal. I traded in 2 games and they were like "oh your trading in 2 games that'll get you 30% more and we are having a buy 2 get one free sale"
so I got 4 games for trading two games that I didn't want anymore anyways. Its a win win win because I get 4 games, gamestop can sell the games that I gave them,
and finally someone else can buy those games for cheaper now.


people take x-play reviews seriously?

 is that a joke?
adam some times says something smart but if its not a FPS they don't give it a chance.
case in point star ocean 2 remake on the psp review, the whole review was "whats star ocean, I don't care about star ocean, I never played the original so I'm going to shit all over this remake"
but really star ocean 2 was an amazing game on the ps1 and now the remade it put in tons and tons of new stuff and made the graphics better.


farcry 2 loves its blur effect

I got farcry 2 for cheap a little while ago and what has stuck out the most to me is two things.

1. Farcry 2 loves its blur effect, when you aim it gets blury, when you run it gets blurry. the only time its not blurry is when you drive.
    I for one can't stand the blur effect in this game>

2. The traveling is the most annoying thing ever, driving without any peripheral vision is very hard and I hate the having to look at your map every 5 minutes to see where to go .


Bargain bin reviews

I like to review games out of the bargain bin because the are cheap and by then all hype or negative press about them has died
my main example so far has been Fracture bought for 15$ every single review said it was completely awful and unplayable.
I played thought it in about a week found out it was a hidden gem I enjoyed it a lot it was a very sorta crackdown type game just
in levels not a big open city. I'll say a game about a gun that makes hills and craters sounds really stupid but its pretty good 4 out of 5 stars

I also just got battlefield bad company, orange box, facebreaker, army of two, and marvel ultimate allance all for like 60 bucks from the bargain bin do look forward to those reviews in the future.


Dead Space just finished mini review

I bought dead space like a week ago and I beat it today. For the most part it was great I liked it alot living up to the resident evil in space tag line
one thing I didn't like is that the story is awful. Issac the person you play as never talks and he is wearing this deep space mining suit that makes him
 look like a robot, it disconnects your from him not only that he also acts like robot too doing absolutely anything for anyone that pops up on his little screen.
the game wants you to care about him but nothing in the game makes you wanna care about him.


100% unsold on RE5 and pissed about it

for like a year I've been thinking resident evil 5 hell yes RE is my favorite series then I learned that you have a AI partner the whole time and thought that was really dumb.
but then I played the demo and found out it really was not that bad so I was sold on it again.
then I found the game is less then 10 hours long, the mercs mode is split screen, and the mine level where one person has to hold the light while the other shots.
all of that was convinced me to wait till I can get it at a bargain 


Prince of persia mini-review

I freakin love this game the platforming is free from frustration
the voice acting is wonderful and very witty all the conversions between the prince and elika  I can not tell you how much I love them  combat is fine not fantastic but still good