Best of 2010

PrivateIronTFU: Best of 2010

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  • No game kept me as thoroughly entertained as Mass Effect 2. People say 'streamlined RPG' like it's a bad thing. I don't think RPGs get streamlined enough, honestly. And the creators of this game agreed.

  • Way more frustrating to me than the first. But way more satisfying once you accomplished your task. and Yoshi's about as useful as ever here.

  • I was pumped about this game from the first time I saw that 'Weapons and Death' preview. Oh, man, this game delivered. In a big way.

  • Best game I've ever gotten for free. Period. Well...Maybe second to Chex Quest.

  • Much better combat than the first two games. Everything just felt a little bit better in this game than Assassin's Creed 2.

  • I love this game. Also, fuck this game.

  • The best Halo single player I've ever seen. The best Halo multiplayer I've ever seen.

  • This game easily stands up to the first game. It just got beat down by whiney little bitches with unreasonable expectations. Even if the story isn't as thrilling, the gameplay is much improved over Bioshock.

  • This game is easy, but so entertaining, clever, adorable, and good.

  • The difficulty ramps up in this game pretty quick. But the reason I chose it is simple. When you highlight this game in your XMB, you can't get that catchy jingle out of your head.