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Fire Emblem: Awakening Memorial Wall

So I picked up Fire Emblem: Awakening recently and having built up some tolerance for permadeath thanks to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, I decided to play it on Classic mode. I've also decided to record the names of fallen comrades, documenting the reason for their demise and maybe serve as a lesson so that the same mistakes won't be repeated.

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  • - Perished at The Longfort -

    First introduced in the previous chapter as the shy animal lover, Sumia saved Chrom from incoming javelin attacks but was promptly slain by an unnamed footsoldier due to my reckless decision to grab the shiny loot within enemy lines. Upon picking up a Superior Lance, her last words were "I can't wait to show this to Chrom!" Her feelings for the Prince of Ylisse were hinted at before and her sudden death put a tragic end to a romance that never began.

    And what was up with those boots? Guess I'll never find out.

  • - Perished at Emmeryn's royal chambers -

    The young mage was eager to prove himself on the battlefield but sadly never got the chance to realise his full potential as he was slain defending the Exalt from assassins. His death came when I misplaced him at the forefront against a wave of enemies to kill off an enemy with low health thinking that I had positioned him behind the wall of soldiers I had created to block enemy passage. I hope to never repeat this rookie mistake again. Forgive me Ricken.