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So I actually did see the Manage Settings button over the player today, but only before the actual Bombcast began. My theory is:

  • Stream begins, chat opens, player is instantiated
  • At this point the Manage Settings button is visible
  • The producer denotes the start point of the video for the purposes of the fast automatic upload
  • Something about this stops the Manage Settings button from appearing

This would explain why @wcarle and others were struggling to reproduce while a stream was properly in progress. Just speculation on my part based on a small amount of evidence, but hopefully that helps.

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@wcarle: I can't reproduce it right now, but I know people were seeing it happen at the beginning of both of today's streams.

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The "Manage Settings" box to allow users to control their settings for third-party cookies is appearing in the live video player when it absolutely shouldn't. It handily manages to cover all the important controls, too.

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An additional issue I noticed is that the settings menu at bottom right currently has two options, both "HTML5":

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OS: Windows 10

Browser: Firefox 66.0.5

Extensions: Giant Bomb QoL, 1Password. GB is whitelisted on my adblocker.

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More skips during the currently in-progress Bombcast. I'm getting skips back, then skips forward to catch up. Happens in fits and starts, then calms down. It's absolutely infuriating.

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Been experiencing this on multiple - but not all - live streams also. Have also seen people in chat complaining about it when I've not been experiencing it, which makes me think it's a problem with Akamai, but I'm sure Will et al know more about why that might be the case than I do.

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Does this issue also relate to download links not immediately populating on stream archives? (See comments on latest RE2 Playdate and This Is The Run)

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@wemmick: Cool, just wanted to get a better idea of the design philosophy there. Search is always going to be preferable to me.

Another bug with the upcoming schedule: the PokéMonday Night Combat! stream looks to be scheduled for seven hours after the Bombcast starts (despite having Monday in the title), which means it starts after midnight my time. But the logic to display "today"/"tomorrow" seems to use PST rather than my local time, so it looks like it's in the wrong position on the list.

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@wemmick: Understood on the Shows page. Do you see the Search as the main path to an old show, in that case?

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@therealturk: It's only two for me, the text entry space is automatically in focus. Maybe a difference between browsers. Eh.

I agree with the points TheRealTurk has made re: shows. I see the Shows page's main use being to find the category for old shows. Despite my only-slightly-snarky point about search in a previous post, the search function has always been, to put it kindly, a little weird on this site. Small aside on search:

Searching for "Mario Party Party" puts the first MPP video top of the search results, but it's not till the third page that the MPP show is displayed in the results. The search algorithm needs to be tweaked to prioritise shows above all else, IMO, if the current ranking is such that searching the title of a show word for word doesn't result in said show being most prominent.

So if someone wants to watch a Mario Party Party video, is the main use case to go to the Shows page? Because if so, the MPP show is currently on the 15th row, given less prominence than a show like I Love Mondays, which basically no one ever has any reason to go back to - at least not in the way that one would go back to MPP or Metal Gear Scanlon or Steal My Sunshine etc. etc. At least with those two, the search function works as intended. Rather than forcing a split based on a show being 'Archived' (which as TheRealTurk has said, wasn't even accurate at the time they wrote that - it seems to have been fixed since), the way those shows are presented needs to be revamped. Some kind of popularity based ranking (with a longer lookback than whatever ranking is powering the "Popular Videos" section), an alphabetical sorting, a last updated sorting - all would be preferable to the current method IMO.