What a gem...

Browsing the marketplace, looking at the higher-end (ratings) of the games on demand. Stumbled into Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Man, this game is an absolute gem. Everything from the campy CGI intro to the infinite depth of the gameplay systems--I'm probably 40 hours into the game, and I still feel like I don't understand everything. 
The game has such a uniquely European charm; I mean: 
a) I discovered that there's a certain class customization option that breaks the game completely--permanently making you invisible, akin to the Oblivion perma-stealth 
b) rather than fixing certain broken professions, the game developer simply removed them 
c) some of the clothing options look ridiculous--in the most comical ways 
d) your character's unique commentary on combat scenarios feature some golden examples of horrid voice acting 
Ugh! I love it. 40 hours in and I'm about 30% through the content. I'm level 26 (of a 200 level cap). Honestly, if anyone has $24.99 to spend, I'd highly recommend this massive, open-world, Diablo-styled RPG. What a gem.