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Best of 2009

ProjektGill: Best of 2009

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  • Best 11 hours I've spent in front of my TV this year.

  • Only played 2 missions and one co-op level and that was enough for it to get the second spot. (I'm sure if I played it through it would be number one but I can't make it #1 just because all the reviews are high and people rave about it.)

  • Sure the single player was ridiculous, but I found it entertaining even on my third play through where I was solely going for Intel.

  • I normally can't watch soccer (fell asleep during the last Wold Cup Finals) but this game has brought me so much joy here at University and of course the unforgettable saying "Fuck You Torres"

  • Again only played it for a couple of hours but the improvements over it's predecessor make it damn near impossible to go back to the first to farm the achievements.

  • I love the Halo franchise and as much as people hate on it for being unoriginal Halo 3's multiplayer kept me with it for 2-3 years. By the time I got this, I only ever popped in the Multiplayer disc to get some easy achivements before people got used to the new maps and quickly get the skulls for the final Vidmaster achivement. Again this would be higher if I actually played a good match of Firefight other than the random ones with my brother just to get cheap achivements.

  • I actually only wanted to put up The Ballad of Gay Tony but this will do. The game can be summed up by saying GOLD PLATED HELICOPTER.

  • The destruction really kept me with this game even if the shooting was pretty iffy as was the driving. Also, like Ryan said, those destruction challenges were pretty damn fun.

  • This game just beat out Splosion Man and easily beat out Resident Evil 5 for the final spot on this top 10 list. It's too bad I didn't play all the great PS3 titles because inFamous and Killzone 2 would have made this list easily.