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Lawl @ Kessler sucking up to the crown to get a better rep.  But hey, at least we don't have to hear him. 

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Can you run it, is a fine site.  If you read the words and understand how to use the tool.  It says itself it's final analysis still may not work.  Think of it as a resouscitattion.  If its way off, then you can't, if its close or green.  Do you own research into it and find out properly.  
Obviously, don't completely rely on the site.  You should be checking and double checking the facts, regardless.  But its a great way to get a quick look into your specs.   If you use it often.
I would recommend that you test a handful of games first.  To give you a good idea of how it will read your rig.  Test games you know you can run and others that you can't.  Then you'll have a idea of where you are.  And don't discount it if it reads something that you can run as something you can't.  The meter is still set based on specific parameters, that will give you a solid reflection of your specs.   You just have to pay attention.  
The more you use it, the more accurate the information will be to you.  You have to learn how to ride a bike.  Before you can steal childminders teeth by bashing them in the jaws with a crow bar. 

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Nice.  Did you attack back? 

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Just to clarify.  The only thing that can kill WoW.  Is WoW itself.  
Will this game have a skill tree for molest.... yeah you get it.  Right Handsomedead? 

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I see, OP.  May I subscribe to your News Letter? I find your ideas very interesting and thought provoking. 

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Turn you keyboard on then.

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SO its not Duse X? 

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You allowing, and google-anylytics?  What happens when you allow all script?  Does the site work fine then?  Make sure its the add on and not something else, by turning it off and reloading the page/site.
I allow GB and the 2 sites listed above.  Things run fine, so I brought it up. 

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Forumspam furprofitz

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IMO, games don't make good movies because the directors and writers miss the core of what would make a game adapt into a movie.  It goes beyond story and setting.  Its more in-line with personal connection to that world and how we feel while exploring it.  They aren't gamers, so its lost to them.   Just like most comic movies. 
If they were to do it right, I would want to see Bioshock.  But that wont happen.  The movie will be generic green scene crap.  Because they will rely too heavily on the wrong visuals, to appeal to a certain crowd.  The game has those visuals.  But its how we interact with them that makes us play.  They have to convey that feeling in a manner we know how to absorb.  That works with how we have absorbed it in the past.  Not copy what they think that is and tell us how to feel.  While trying to conjure up memories of 300 and Watchmen. 
No easy feet, but just my opinion on the matter.  Instead of racing through a seemly awesome environment, as a sort of badass.  They should  dwell in it and give us an anti-hero.  Someone to get beat up by the world, not over run it with wrath.  
Thats what we get in games, we get pushed around and dominated.  Until we rise up and conquer.  It's to early in the evolution to give us what we think we want.  We don't what we want.  You have to build up to it.  Just like in actual games.  We see it everyday, games becoming more like film.  That wasn't done over night. 
Game movies need to be less about adapting and more about the experience of playing that story.  Because even the average FPS nutwit may not know it, but they will still feel it when they enter the theater.   And until the stop trying to make game movies, they wont be worth shit.  
Maybe its a beginning, to making great movies?  Game cut-scenes have certainly evolved into something far greater then their beginnings.  
Do you think Hollywood will get it right this time or eventually?  Have the right people really been trying all that hard?