Finishing Unfinished Games

So, Summer is coming up and I have a tradition of setting myself a task to do over the summer which I end up not doing. What is it this year? 
Finish my Wii backlog of games! I don't have that many, but I also don't think I'm likely to finish them all. Here they are. 
1) Battalion Wars II - A fantastic game, but brutally unforgiving the later stages. A single wrong move and BAM. All your units are dead. I'm hoping to finish it, but out of my list, this one strikes me as being the least likely to be finished. 
2) Epic Mickey - Not the worst platformer in the world, but fetch-quests bored me when I bought it and I stopped playing. Maybe I can force my way through it though! 
3)  Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers - The name of this game also reflects my opinion of it, overly long and tedious. Oh, and the combat is also terrible. Picking up dudes and throwing them just isn't a good combat mechanic. 
4) Mad World - Platinum Games' debut beat-em-up, which went on to inspire People can Fly's "Bulletstorm." It is fun in short blasts, and I'm near the end so it's probably going to be the first game I finish. 
5) Muramasa: The Demon Blade - It's crazy japanese and button mashy. I'm also near the end of this though. 
6) Punch Out! - IT'S FUCKING HARD. >:( 
7) Super Mario Galaxy 2 - I actually feel kinda bad for having not finished this game yet. But I just keep trying to do everything and burning out on the minigames because they are just so well...awful. The Crate burning and the ice skating ones in particular. The actual platforming still remains some of the best in the genre. But those minigames UGH.  
So yeah, that's my list. I'm not sure I'll finish them all, and I may even add No More Heroes 2 to it at some point. ONLY TIME WILL TELL. 
Do you guys have any unfinished games on any platform that you plan on finishing eventually? 
I also have a giant Steam backlog, but I've given up on that, I really don't want to play Company of Heroes ;_;