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Twisted Metal 3 0

With the success of Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal 2, I was excited for Twisted Metal 3. What I didn't know is that a new studio called 989 Studios had taken over the franchise after SingleTrac who created the first two game were bought by GT Interactive thus ending their partnership with Sony. Twisted Metal's story is simple, every year a contest is held where the winner gets his/her wish granted by Calypso. You choose a character who drives a car and you go though different cities d...

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Lester The Unlikely 0

Lester The Unlikely tells the story about a geek(nerd) who gets on board a ship while reading a comicbook one accidentally. The ships end up crashing and Lester swims to shore. Your job is to get off the island, sounds simple enought? Right? Well it's not going to be simple. Because Lester is afraid of everything on the island. I kid you not, the moment you start moving Lester, he start walking with a hump on his back like he's a turtle. When he runs it's with his arms in the air. When he gets n...

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