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My Resident Evil PC Collection



I'm proud to own the first three Resident Evil games (1, 2 and 3: Nemesis) including 4 and 5- all PC versions. The first trilogy is rare and hard to find but I managed to get them (still in their original packaging) but with an expensive price. However, it was all worth it and I couldn't be anymore happier. The only problem is playing them. Since 1, 2 and Nemesis were made during the late 90s, making them to work on a latest computer will result to a lot of compatibility problems, especially the first one. Depending on the type of graphics card you have, sometimes the game will work and sometimes it doesn't.

I had a lot of problem getting the first Resident Evil to work because during the installation process, it asks us to choose which graphics card to use and if you choose to wrong one, it'll result to a lot of complications such as audio problems, graphic glitches, and show stoppers. I did manage to install the game successfully on my Sony Vaio laptop and I was able to finish the game without any problems but when I tried playing it on my Dell desktop, it doesn't work.

2 and 3: Nemesis worked well but 2 seems to have problem with the saving system. 4 and 5 of course have no compatibility problems whatsoever since they're the most recent games to come. Once again, I'm very pleased to own all five Resident Evil games PC version but then I realized one game is missing: Code Veronica X, which is the only canon RE game that was not ported to the PC and it makes you wonder, why not? If they port all the other games to PC, why not Code Veronica X? 

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If there's one I wish Capcom would grant me is to port Code: Veronica X to the PC and make a compilation of all six Resident Evil games into one through retail or through Steam. And it's Windows XP compatible. That'll be awesome. Ok I know, that was two wishes but what the heck?