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Best To Worst Army Men Games

I'm probably one of the few people who liked the Army Men series. Despite being made by 3DO, a bunch of people who clearly had no idea what they were doing, the Army Men world was something special to me and I find myself keep coming back to some of these games from time to time.

Most of these games I've yet to play or complete but anyway, here's a list of my favourite to least favourite Army Men games.

Last Update: October 12th, 2017

List items

  • The definitive Army Men experience from the get-go. It's got great balance of playability and level design. This is the crown jewel from 3DO before they screwed over the formula.

  • Sarge's Heroes is hard as balls thanks its zero to none checkpoints but that didn't stop me from playing the crap out of it back in the PS1 era. I especially love the characters and its plastic world. It's almost like playing an interactive cartoon show.

  • A huge improvement in terms of visuals and level design but not as memorable as the first one.

  • It seems 3DO did not care to improve on the game engine that they had but instead, they threw in new assets and made it into a platformer. For what it was, Portal Runner was pretty fun although a little too childish at times.

  • Army Men's first step into making a strategy game and it was pretty good. The pacing was very slow but thankfully it was playable.

  • Army Men's first attempt in the Game Boy Advance world and I liked it.

  • Another GBA game that isn't so bad although the isometric perspective takes some time in getting used to.

  • The first and one of the hardest games in the series. It clearly showed 3DO's baby steps into the gaming world with its repetitive audio cue, lack of polish in level design and punishing difficulty. They clearly did not test this properly but for the most part, Army Men 1 had its memorable moments.

  • Flying Army Men choppers is super fun and 3DO got it right with this one. The pilot characters were great but the levels are still bloody hard.

  • The background music is bloody annoying but I love the isometric look.

  • This Gamecube exclusive is a good addition to the console. Certainly not the best game ever in the Gamecube collection but it's definitely not the worst.

  • Plot was kinda dull but at least the game's playable.

  • Reminds me of Rogue Trooper but not as good. Green Rogue was when 3DO started to become lazy with its game design and just rehased the same assets from previous games.

  • All I can remember playing Air Attack 1 was the amount of tension trying to defeat the last boss. I still can't beat it.

  • The World War series is not my favourite entry in the Army Men series and it shows with its awful everything.

  • No joke, I literally finished this game is less than 3 hours. The game was so easy and boring. Nothing else to comment.

  • No comment.

  • Great ideas but goddamn, is it hard. I had to cheat my way to finish Toys In Space. It was brutal!

  • One of the ugliest entries in the series. 3DO didn't even try. The 3D models were terrible looking.

  • Most of the Air games are fun but this PC exclusive was not fun at all. It was hard! God awful hard!

  • Boring!

  • Super boring!

  • The title says it all. Back when you had games like Halo: Combat Evolved, Dead or Alive 3 and Ninja Gaiden to showcase on the original Xbox, then came along this putrid mess that was as if they ported a PS1 game and did not alteration at all.

  • A complete joke. This was the final nail in the coffin that sealed Army Men's fate.