Digital Homicide is dead. Hooray!

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Worst Game Companies

Last update: January 12th, 2017

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  • An indie game company that is bottom of the poopy barrel; Digital Homicide is kinda like Donald Trump - it's attracted to criticism like flies to a poop, is completely oblivious to the industry it's in, and has absolutely no understanding of what it's defending in the first place.

    With games that clearly shows no effort or originality whatsoever, Digital Homicide is by far the worst game company to ever exist in our lifetime.

  • Hands down the possible worst video game developers out there. While it's an interesting idea to introduce the subject of religion in video games, it's certainly not a good idea to release a product without the approval of the platform it was targeting on, most notably Nintendo.

    It also seems that Wisdom Tree hired programmers and designers who had never made games before. It makes you think that the developers were a group of priests and nuns from a Church who made games part-time.

  • It's not a game company. It's a communist, money-making, pot-smoking, money-grabbing, developer-killing and egotistical company that is losing its sense of direction and its love for video games.

  • Famous for developing the box office-bombed Superman 64.

  • I've never liked Sega. Never was a fan and never will be. They don't know a thing about their target audience. Pity.