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Great multi-player, poor single-player 0

Do you like Battlefield 2? Do you like Modern Warfare? Well then, Homefront might be the game for you. KAOS Studios has managed to user their past experience of working on Desert Combat and Frontlines to create a very cohesive shooter that fixes the ground combat problem of the mainline Battlefield series by making it much more fluid and fast, while still keeping all of the strong vehicle combat and open maps that were lost in the Bad Company series. It’s the best of both worlds and everything p...

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For The Emperor! 3

The Dawn of War games are easily my favorite in the RTS genre, and Dawn of War II has been a turning point in what direction I prefer not only the franchise to go in, but the whole genre. While the lack of base-building is a touchy subject for a lot of gamers, the ability to focus on what I’m doing with my troops instead of worrying about making sure I have an expansion bay or a science building to make certain units is great for people like me, who really just want to jump right into the action...

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Not for the feint of heart 1

While 1C’s Men of War wasn’t exactly the biggest strategy game in 2009, it certainly made an impression on fans of the genre as a solid budget-priced title. MOW: Assault Squad is a stand-alone expansion that puts more of a focus on the multi-player aspect of the series, with over 30 maps, as well as the ability to make your own custom maps. There is also a set of skirmish maps that make up the single-player portion of the game, all of which can also be played online with up to 8 other players co...

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Not terrible, but... 0

 DeathSpank is the latest game to feature Ron Gilbert's involvement, famous for creating The Secret of Monkey Island, among other games. Originally a comic strip character featured in one of Gilbert's Grumpy Gamer series, DeathSpank the game can be summed up as a loot game, similar to Diablo. However, the main difference (and gimmick) here is that the story and characters act as a parody to that genre, and the entire game itself is very much based around its humor. While this definitely a...

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Who you gonna call? 0

Indy adventure games have been thriving on the PC for years, so it wasn’t a surprise when I got my review copy of The Lost Crown and learned that it was designed and developed by a single man, Jonathan Boakes. The premise is simple enough: journey around mysterious towns on England’s coastline, and set out to investigate the ghostly activity that has seemingly been haunting these areas. The box quotes include “Scariest thing I’ve played in a long time”, and that it “may actually go down in the h...

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Let's smash some bros 0

After years of waiting that were lengthened by numerous delays, Super Smash Bros. Brawl has finally hit the shelves of Japan. While most gamers will have to wait until March (or later, for those outside of North America) to get their hands on this title, an estimated 500,000 copies have fallen into the hands of players in Japan, including myself. After putting quite a bit of time into this game, I would have to say that it was most definitely worth the wait, and that those still waiting have som...

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Gears-style coop and cheesy dialogue 0

The easiest way to describe Army Of Two is an ’80s action movie designed as a game. It features all the things you’d come to expect from a movie like Die Hard or Commando, but in a competent game that delivers fun coop gameplay. The game will not appeal to anyone looking for a “smart” shooter, especially those who enjoy realistic and tactical games. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely tactics here in the game, but nothing more complex than what you’d see in the game that Army Of Two seems t...

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This truly is Video Game: The Game 0

Another year, and yet another RTS ported to the Xbox 360. Following in the footsteps of Battle For Middle Earth II and Command & Conquer 3, a new challenger approaches this platform with a new and evolved control scheme, and cross-platform online play with the PC as well via Xbox Live!. The developer of Universe At War, Petroglyph is made up of classic developers from Westwood, and has previously released the Star Wars: Empire At War series. This is their first original IP, and their first c...

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A classic that never gets old 0

Ahhh, shoot-em-ups. So many classics, so little re-releases. Thankfully, one of the best was recently released for XBLA, and now everyone can enjoy Ikaruga. Built as a minimalist shooter, this game is quite possibly one of the most efficiently designed games of the genre. What Ikaruga does differently from all the rest, besides stripping away all of the fluff, is use a “duality” theme to create a game where you have two different polarities of your ship, each one representing either dark or ligh...

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So what is the secret of the Lombax? 0

The Ratchet series has been a staple of the PlayStation since the first entry came out on the PS2. And it was with that game that Insomniac cemented its importance as a part of Sony’s success, with it’s strong commitment to the platform; this is especially true in Japan, where the series is very popular, and continues to have strong sales with each new release. In any case, I’m sure this was a highly anticipated game for many PS3 owners; I know it was for me. One of the more shocking revelations...

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Solid game, bad port 0

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is the award-winning spiritual successor to the free and incredibly fun FPS Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a game notorious for its incredibly strong fanbase. Instead of taking place in the World War II era of Wolfenstein, this time players are fighting the war in the Quake universe that takes place between Quake II and Quake 4. At first glance, it looks inspired by the Battlefield series of games, with large and open maps full of vehicles, as well as a class system wi...

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Cops & Robbers 0

As David Jaffe’s brainchild, you can expect the following from Calling All Cars!: fast cars, crazy weapons, and a variety of locales to drive at. With the advent of QORE, Sony Computer Entertainment of America’s monthly interactive magazine for the PSN, Calling All Cars! is being included in the annual subscription. This means that many gamers will be finally be playing it for the first time, having missed out when it originally launched in 2007. Calling All Cars! is a 3/4 perspective racer, sim...

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Overhead shootin' in HD 0

This year, Capcom is gunning for nostalgia with the re-imagining and continuation of many of its classic franchises, such as 1942, Bionic Commando, Street Fighter, and of course, Commando. If you’ve never heard of the Commando franchise, it is essentially a traditional overhead shooter that controls similarly to Robotron. Commando 3, is not only the third iteration of the title, having been preceded by Mercs, but it is also the first to be made in almost 20 years. While the PS3 has a few of its ...

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Goodbye, old friend 0

The wait is finally over, and the final chapter of the Metal Gear Solid series has arrived. Since being shown at E3 2006, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has been one of the most anticipated games this generation. After exploring Snake’s father, Big Boss, in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, Kojima has returned to the original plot-lines started in previous games in an attempt to tie everything together into one cohesive story. With all the hype surroun...

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"It looks like a cartoon!" 0

Instead of covering the entire series for the nth time, what we have now in the singleplayer mode, aptly named the Z Chronicles, is something that glosses over the first main three arcs of the storyline, including the Saiyan Saga, the Frieza Saga, and the Cell Saga. Also, the issue of having too many battles represented is finally fixed, with only significant ones being used for missions. This alone makes Burst Limit a lot more approachable given that you won’t be playing dozens of hours just to...

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! 1

Last time we saw Metal Gear Online, it was released in beta form earlier last April to test the online capabilities and push the network to its limits in advance of the final release. While this newer MGO was not very similar to the original version included with Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, it certainly captured the spirit and main ideas presented in the previous iteration. After playing through quite a bit, my final thoughts were along the lines of the game being worth looking into despite...

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Let's blow stuff up! 0

Battlefield is back on the consoles, and this time it’s exclusive. With Battlefield: Bad Company, EA DICE has taken a new approach by trying to create a convincing singleplayer campaign in addition to their standard multiplayer-oriented affair. Using the new Frostbite engine, everything in the game is almost 90% destructible, which allows for all kinds of new approaches to fight the enemy. While everything else is the same old style of the previous games, several console-oriented ideas have been...

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It’s back to the basics for this one 0

Recently, Capcom has done an incredible job in regards to releasing a wide array of titles on the digital download front, and so far this year we’ve gotten a steady lineup of throwbacks that will surely keep fans satisfied for years to come. Bionic Commando: Rearmed is the latest, and possibly greatest recent digital download game to come out. For 800 space bucks (Microsoft points), $10 on the PSN, or $15 on one of the numerous online outlets for the PC, it’s quite amazing to see the game come o...

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An episodic adventure with our favorite Lombax 0

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction came out last Fall, becoming one of the best PS3 titles thus far. Instead of having to wait a whole year for another release, Insomniac has decided to put out their first episodic release in hopes to keep interest high. Quest For Booty serves as a side adventure to bridge the first Ratchet & Clank Future and the next installment, due out for Fall 2009. A somewhat brief run through the Ratchet universe (with around 3-4 hours of gameplay), every...

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What the hell is a witcher anyways? 0

Last year was a terrible year for RPGs on the PC. There was almost nothing released, and the titles that were ended up being fairly underwhelming. However, there was one game that was strong, yet it had problems that kept it from being the best game it could have been. I am, of course, talking about The Witcher, a game that received a fair amount of praise for being something different. Well, here we are in the fall of 2008, and the situation for RPGs seems even worse than ever before, though fl...

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8-bit in HD 0

The most important thing you need to realize about Mega Man 9 is that if you don’t like the style, then you’re a terrible person. 8-bit has returned straight from the NES and onto your next-gen console, that very same one hooked up to that fancy HDTV. It’s also complete with synthesized music and sound effects that are indistinguishable from the originals. Honestly, though, if you can’t get over the style, then the game most likely isn’t for you as you’re sorta missing the point; while I underst...

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The next generation of anti-gravity racing has arrived 0

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Wipeout title on a home console. In fact, the last one was the warmly received Wipeout Fusion for the PS2. After a few newer releases on the PSP, Sony Liverpool has brought the venerable racing series back to its roots, releasing it as a PSN downloadable title, and at a budget price of $20. Best of all, while it does only contain different tracks from Pulse and Pure, Wipeout HD is not just some backport to get a quick buck, containing a mix of content fro...

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A cooking game? For the Wii? NO WAY! 0

The Wii has become the de facto system for cooking games these days, and you can’t walk past an electronics aisle and not see at least a handful of titles. From Hell’s Kitchen to Cooking Mama, it seems that Wii developers find an idea and truly run with it. Order Up! aims to be something different, as well as a simple and accessible game; and it certainly pulls through in the end. So what exactly does this Cooking Mama wannabe bring to the table? Order Up! features cooking gameplay that in itsel...

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Makin' music with your Wii 0

So it’s finally here. The game that Nintendo of America has pushed mercilessly for the latter half of 2008, stating that they “still had games coming out” in an attempt to assure the hardcore Nintendo fans that they weren’t going to be left high and dry after most of the “big” releases had already come out. Now, some people could say that Wii Music had one of the worst debuts in E3 history, and the awful promoting and marketing on Nintendo’s half certainly hasn’t helped the situation for trying ...

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Rad racing on the PSP 0

Lately, it seems the PSP has been neglected by a lot of Western developers, with no significant releases in quite some time. Meanwhile, Rockstar has decided to bring over the latest iteration in its Midnight Club series with Midnight Club L.A. Remix. While I’m not exactly the biggest racing fan, I do enjoy games like Burnout Paradise that give the player the freedom to explore, as opposed to a set list of races you have to do immediately. L.A. Remix retains this theme of gameplay, and more or le...

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Oh my god… what the hell is going on here? 0

Multiwinia is the sequel to the award-winning Darwinia, an original strategy game that came out in 2005. Having only heard of Darwinia and not actually played or seen it, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this sequel. From the very first time I played a match, I knew that Introversion had made something unlike a lot of the other strategy games on the market. While there are some of the usual RTS designs employed here, there’s also quite a bit of creativity that makes everything stand out. The ga...

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Running has never been so hard 0

Let me preface this by saying there are very few games in this world that make me want to throw my controller or induce an incredible rage that requires me to stop playing immediately and go do something to blow off some steam. Street Fighter II, ironically one of my favorite games, can turn me into a wild beast. Lately, no game has really angered me to this extreme, but here we are again with one of the most stress-inducing and frustrating games I’ve ever played, Mirror’s Edge. DICE, the develo...

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The true battle for supremacy begins 0

Another year, another Mortal Kombat game. Outside of the large gap between Mortal Kombat 4 and Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance’s release dates, we’ve had a steady crop of releases from the series in the last 7 years. While the last three entries focused more on evolving the series, for better or worse, Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe marks a return to its roots in regards to gameplay, despite starring an incredibly random cast of two franchises that couldn’t be more different. So how exactly did Mi...

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Straight from the arcade and onto your PSP, Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam VS Gundam is a port of a very popular Japanese arcade game using one of the country’s most-beloved franchises. The original features the Gundam franchise’s most popular mobile suits and pilots duking it out in a fast-paced 3rd person action game that had simple controls but still had a bit of depth. And the PSP version isn’t just the same game gone portable, though, and there are quite a few different additions included, such...

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In the 41st Millennium, there are only good graphics and gameplay 0

Since 2004, Relic Entertainment has been an unstoppable force in creating some of the PC’s most endearing RTS games since the likes of Westwood and Blizzard. The original Dawn of War was one of the first licensed Warhammer games that wasn’t just a poor and misguided use of the name, and it actually came out during a lull in the RTS genre. After a string of interesting, yet truly unfulfilling expansion packs, Relic has finally released the epic sequel all the fans have been waiting for. But with ...

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