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Resident Evil... two!

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Choice | Of A New Generation

Below I've ranked the full retail games I own for the current generation of consoles, with some PC in there as well.

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  • Xbox 360 | A game I've been waiting for since I was 5 years old. Made even more special when I finished the original and imported my Shepard.

  • Xbox 360 | So much variety to the story and gameplay, would go again, in spite of this unfinished pile.

  • Xbox 360 | Exciting world with great story and characters.

  • Xbox 360 | I like survival horror. This was the best out there!

  • Xbox 360 | Was a great experience. All the hoop-la about the ending almost hindered the experience for me. A few mechanical flaws which spoiled some moments, but I thought the end was very poetic and finished the series off nicely.

  • PS3 | Los Angeles is alot of fun to explore. I constantly get a chuckle from the somewhat baby humour. Incredible scope for a video game with so much variety.

  • PlayStation 3 | Nice how polished and paced a video game can get.

  • Xbox 360 | The reason I bought an Xbox. Played through three times and just started a fourth. Good characters and story, seems a bit dated now.

  • PlayStation 3 | Spent about 30 hours on it and haven't really made much progress, just exploring. Shame cause it is really awesome, will continue soon.

  • PlayStation 3 | Camp as a row of tents, but likeable characters... some not, in a vast world with stunning visuals and fantastic score.

  • Xbox 360 | Combat is awesome but slightly repetitive. A very enjoyable setting and story which finished about five sittings.

  • PlayStation 3 | A main reason why I bought a PS3. Amazing visuals, solid campaign with a more relaxed multiplayer.

  • PlayStation 3 | Wasn't blown away until about hour five when the scope of your travel became enormous. Wish I had time to play more.

  • Xbox 360 | This is a great fighter, mechanically but the character design never lived up to its mantel. Great fighting system though.

  • Xbox 360 | It was a great experience, but I think finishing the first game the week before made me tired of the combat. Looking forward to a fresh second playthough.

  • Xbox 360 | Stays true to the original concept with a great setting, horrific visuals and loads of content. Was banned in my region, which made the illegal import that much sweeter!

  • Xbox 360 | My type of game... until 12 hours in and you don't know what the f*#k you're doing except rinse and repeat.

  • Xbox 360 | Very tongue in cheek with "pretty" visuals. Got this for Vita so I practice on the bus. Love the characters, lets face it... the girls! Combat system prob. the most skill based out there.

  • Mac | With the GSL Mar 2011 in full swing, it's once again part of my daily ritual. (Edit 2013) Invested my time in other things, so never pursued any further.

  • Xbox 360 | A realistic an thrilling fighting experience. This is one I spend time learning the systems. (Edit 2013) Other fighters took priority, haven't played much since.

  • Xbox 360 | Was a solid campaign and I like my Spartan, but the entry level for multiplayer just dampened the festivities, too many headshots!

  • PlayStation 3 | Love, hate relationship. Probably cause I spent about two months just playing multiplayer with not much to show for it in the grand scheme of things. Was great fun though, when everyone was playing.

  • PlayStation 3 | Style to the core, with excellent replay value. Looking forward to a possible sequel. (Edit 2013) Announced!

  • PlayStation 3 | On it's way. I finished the first game and start a second play-through so it'll be interesting to see how long I play this for. (Edit 2013) Keep getting stuck but an enjoyable experience once again.

  • Xbox 360 | Played through to the final level (not realising) and didn't clock until a year or so later. Characters too clunky for my liking, but is a good game.

  • Xbox 360 | Interesting story but found the combat disorienting. Not as good as I was expecting but an entertaining ride to the end.

  • Xbox 360 | I got suckered into the hype. Starts off interesting, then becomes more Halo. Will finish someday.

  • PlayStation 3 | Surprisingly tense story with some great moments, but too many quick-time events which made it a chore.

  • Xbox 360 | Great platforming atmosphere, but became repetitive. I'm about ten hours in.

  • PS3 | Enjoyable at the start but combat gets on your nerves early on. More to play someday.

  • Xbox 360 | Great freedom and variety, but just couldn't relate to the characters enough to keep playing. Half finished, maybe someday.

  • PlayStation 3 | Got up to the third case, love the setting and mechanics just haven't had the urge to jump back in.

  • PlayStation 3 | Finding it hard to get into because of time restraints. Have played about eight hours. (Jan 3rd, 2011)

  • PlayStation 3 | Cool, very similar to Far Cry with more focus which works but generic story. (2013) Did I finish this?..

  • PlayStation 3 | Never got round to finishing, love the casual pacing and location. Did spend sometime on multiplayer, which was fun and my first online experience.

  • Xbox 360 | Never really got into, first few hours were fun. When I get more time I'll continue through. (Jan 3rd, 2011)

  • Xbox 360 | Have played for about three hours. Got stuck on a level and couldn't go any further, more to go.

  • Mac | Early days as I'm only at Level 5. Will be interesting to see how deep I get into it. (Update: Not feeling it!)

  • Xbox 360 | I won this from and IGN competition. Pretty looking game, without a whole lot of depth.

  • PlayStation 3 | Was disappointed with the visuals, although cool art. Just another fighter with a strange cult following.

  • PS3 | Bit of a piss take, marred by repetition.