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Resident Evil... two!

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The games that have shaped my video game tastes. I've pretty much owned every console from the mainstream manufacturers with the exception of the NES, Mega Drive (although I played a lot of it) and the first Xbox.

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  • Xbox 360 | When I first heard about Mass Effect I was immediately hooked on the idea of an RPG with proper action gameplay. Playing it the first weekend of release after watching the original in its entirety on Youtube has to be one my favourite gaming experiences.

  • PlayStation/Steam | Groundbreaking game for both the industry and myself in high school. Still great music, story and characters, would be hard to beat, I'm lucky to have it appear twice in this list!

  • Arcade | The slickest and most polished game to this date. Music, art style and gameplay all flawless.

  • PlayStation 5 | Game had a profound impact even 10x years after original release.

  • SNES | The most addictive fun to be had. How many weekends I lost playing with friends I can't remember.

  • PS5 | This is the longest hours I've put into any single player game. Transports you to a world that never got boring. A few theme and design issues the held it from reaching the top.

  • Steam | Still got it, after all these years the magic of the original is still there.

  • PlayStation/GameCube/PS4 | I was shocked that playing a movie character inside a game was even possible when R.E. came out. Not only that but it introduced me to the morbid world of horror that I would take with me into all other mediums.

  • Xbox 360/Steam | Played it on released, loved it. Played it again in 2015... now 2017, still love it.

  • Wii U | Almost as good as the original, with great physics and music.

  • PS4 | I played this years after release, but still was an amazing story and setting. Great jumping off point for HFW.

  • Xbox 360 | Finally a role playing game set in a universe I loved with actual gameplay and terrific cinematics. Plus you can make the character you want to be!

  • SNES | This was the game of my early teens. Played so many hours, really drew me into the Star Wars universe, this was before Lucas decided to return to the series... you know the rest.

  • GameCube | This was the reason why I bought a Gamecube. I had exceptionally high hopes before going in, which might have marred my experience slightly, as most think this is the greatest game ever made... I just think it's awesome!

  • SNES | Probably the first RPG I played, was hooked on the freedom and story.

  • Xbox 360 | I was on the cusp of this generation, not quite convinced if gaming had past me by... then I found this. Realised I would be a "player" for life! Enjoyed every minute of it.