Up & Coming | Wishlist 2014

Getting to the point where I want a new console, but a little more convincing is needed.

List items

  • Wii U | Once again the full realisation of what I was hoping they'd do for the last 7 outings. Seems like Nintendo finally found the keys to the secret recipe dungeon and what better time than with a struggling piece of hardware.

  • Wii U | In spite of the generic name, they made the changes to Galaxy I was hoping for in regards to the worlds being too segmented. Would buy a Wii U if it was a little cheaper and I had anymore room in my cabinet.

  • PS3 | Can't play until I finish the 2nd game, this could be a while.

  • Wii U | Wanted to play the last Wii game and it looks like this is even better. Made by the guys who did Metroid Prime?..

  • XBOne | Looking like something pretty slick and different.

  • PS4 | More from the original Resident Evil creator, looks like Hostel the video game... I haven't actually seen Hostel.

  • PS4/XBOne | Have always wanted to try this series, looks more like the Christopher Nolah version which suits me!

  • PS4 | Sure why not.

  • Wii U | Maybe I've made up my mind about this console, seems like would be a nice addition to the collection.

  • XBOne | First person and zombies aren't really my thing, but this looks well executed.