Best of 2010

Pudge: Best of 2010 
My personal Top 10. As you might notice, I spend 99% of my gaming time on the Xbox, and I didn't have as much time this year as many past ones. Take it as you will.

List items

  • The prequel to the best game in the series, Reach felt like the Sequel to Halo: CE true fans had been waiting for. Stripping aside the unnecessary parts added by 2 and 3, Reach boiled it back down to Headshots, Melees, and Grenades, with nary an Arbiter or SMG in sight.

  • The best Modern Warfare type shooter on the market, Bad Company 2 is complex where it needs to be, and yet easy to understand where it counts. You don't have to spend time building your perfect class, or buying and building emblems. You pick your class, weapon, item and GO.

  • A worthy follow up to one of my favorite games of all time. The mere fact that I had to stop myself from playing at 3AM on a school night speaks to its ability to suck you into it's post apocalyptic wonderland.

  • As a yearly consumer of this series, I have come to accept it for what it is. It's buggy, sometimes tedious, and insane in what stays and what goes from year to year. But this year, the WWE Universe mode is a wrestling fans dream. Being able to play through feuds that logically make sense for the most part is great, and when they're automatically generated for you at the push of the button, it's heaven.

  • If you finish Just Cause 2, you're playing it wrong. If you spend your time surfing a vehicle while hooking others into the ground and watching them fly up into the air, then you're right on target. This game defines sandbox playground by giving you a physics defying grapple gun, a bunch of things to shoot, and letting you free reign to go nuts. The cheap DLC adding parachutes with jetpacks and heat-seeking missile launchers only adds to the madness.

  • Bioshock 2 really shouldn't exist. It's story feels tacked on and completely unnecessary if you compare it at all to the first game's masterstroke. With that aside, the clunky combat from the first game is made enjoyable, the atmosphere of Rapture is still breathtaking, and the story is still a fine tale when not compared to its Big Sister.

  • A unique and very satisfying FPS that uses its gimmick well and its unique guns even better. It's a shame that it wasn't promoted at all and those who developed it are all out of work, it was a real hidden gem of this year.

  • Gaming's equivalent to an Ed Wood movie, every feature in Deadly Premonition fails in almost every way possible to be decent. And yet, when put together, it's a strangely entertaining package that confounds as much as it delights. Or at least, that's what my coffee said.

  • A vision into what Nintendo games would look like with some edge, Darksiders is almost entirely pieced together from found parts, and yet makes them work so well. With most third person action games going a decidedly God of War path, it's refreshing to play through an old school adventure like this.

  • For someone who misses Pinball almost as much as the grimy, poorly lit buildings the tables were housed in, Pinball FX2 was an early Festivus present. The new tables are great, and the backwards compatible one from the first game are a bonus that doesn't happen very often in this generation.