Ryan Davis will never play one of my games

When I woke up this morning I and refreshed my usual web pages this certainly was not the news I was looking forward to. At first I thought it had to be a sick troll, it just had to be. But when I read the article on GB the needle finally stuck. And it sucks, and I feel really shitty for everyone involved. After reading all the wonderful memorials, not that the sadness went away, but the feeling of people getting together doing things really warmed my heart. But then it hit me again. Ryan will never play one of my games. Ryan and Jeff are certainly not why I got into the industry but were people I dearly respected for their knowledge and fairness to games. It is defiantly hard to explain, it is just like, reading his work and watching his work for years, I want his opinion, good or bad, because I know how experienced he is. Knowing this just puts the weight of his death back on my heart. It is just so sad, I really just can't say anymore.

Thank you Ryan Davis for existing and pleasuring this world with you and your work. You will truly be missed, and my thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family.


Gundam Musou 3 review

  Gundam Musou 3 is the 3 game in the Dynasty Warriors spin off, and you will be seeing the number 3 again later on. Like I do with every game in the series I stupidly 2 day it from . Now I am enjoying myself with the game, already putting in 12 hours this weekend. When you first put the disk in it makes a new game and sends you to a cut scene, what is cool is after it ends it jumps you right in with the 00 Raiser in a mission. Naturally the first thing I did was to see if I could use the Raiser backpack to fly around. Of course I was wrong, which sucks because the backpack is pretty big on his back, which really can obstruct your view, and you can’t use it like it was designed for (to be fair you use it in some combo attacks and your buddy buddy sp attack). The layout of the map is quite different, it is all blocks, like before bases would be different sizes, but here they are all one size. Additionally some have special abilities, one is your base, one is the enemy main camp, which if these are taken then their “battle points” go down to zero. There is one that if you grab it lets you use the mobile suite launcher, but you can only go to certain bases. Another thing that has changed is the art style. Now every thing has a cool “Anime” look to it. I think it works pretty well, though some textures look awfully bland. However they made all the particle effects and what not improved so that is cool to see all those sparks fly when you hit things.

After you beat the mission is starts you off in Amuro’s story missions. But they are not the classics. No this game focuses more on the made up story that the made for this game. Now everyone’s story from the anime is still there, you just have to unlock it by playing the original story for a few missions. Missions are given to you in bucket fulls, I feel almost overwhelmed because they give you all these missions you can do but really I only care about story ones. But like they give you missions for milestones and relationships and stuff like that. Just makes me feel like I am getting no where since I am doing mission after mission and I don’t progress. But you can choose to skip them if you want.

One thing I want to say on the game play is that it feels really slow. I guess maybe I am bias since I just got done playing some Sengoku Basara 3 but just seems like it take forever to get your guy to actually strike. Like these are super advance mecha units, but they look like robots from the 80’s with their sluggish movements. And this really can be bothersome when you are trying to do your special but all the enemies backed up before you actually bothered to swing your weapon and miss everyone.

Relationships have been simplified for the better this time around, now you just have a positive chart. And no one can go down, so just do mission for that person or help that person and they will like you more. Their relationship status can give you, their unlocked story mission or let them be your partner etc. Speaking of partners I really like this new feature. Like skills you can equip a partner and a operator for each mission. The operator just talks to you but some will give special buffs. Your partner can be activated by R2 (when the partner meter is full) and he jumps in and does a special attack then leaves. This can come in handy when you are getting surrounded.

There are some changes to that combat that I like and hate at the same time. Remember when I was talking about Battle Points? Well in this game you can die but if you still have battle points you come back. Now this also introduces a weird health system. You can get hit and lose health but a portion of   that health will come back.  The problem is that it is way to easy to get caught up in an enemies special and go from 100% to 0.  Some times it seems that when you hit enemies you do nothing since that part that you hit regenerated. Now the thing that really bugs me is that when you die you respawn RIGHT WHERE you died. So in some cases bases have defense guns that are really strong and will blow you up. But when you respawn you are dropped right back into those guns so you die again. So you just enter this area where you can do nothing but die and have to wait till you run out of points. I guess this is on a side note, but when you die, it goes through the “your suit has his arm and head come off and blow up” animation, but then you come back good as new. Now that doesn’t really make any sense. Why not make a animation where it shows you retreating.

If you like Free mission mode where you select what suit you want and what area to be in then don’t buy this game since there is NONE of that. Everything is either story or co-op. Also if you like space battles then don’t buy this game since there is none. There are some areas on the moon and stuff but no open space levels. Which I am on the last Historic Armuro mission and have no idea how that is going to work. Speaking of areas none of them look good, or look iconic. Like I don’t recognize anything. There just seems to be generic levels like they were sitting down and said “shit we need an ice level” and just made one.

The additional units are awesome and the upgrading your suit is a lot easier, but it just seems like they took one step forward and 3 steps back. I mean when you release a sequel don’t drop features, make them better.

This is a fine game and I will play the hell out of it, but it wasn’t the improvement I wanted.  

 3 failed char plans out of 5. 


BattleShip DDX Dev Blog 2

Well I was able to get gravity to work. So now the bullets when fired drop. Also have it so they are pointing at the direction they are dropping. But they are being shot with the wrong angle so they twist in mid air. 
My next course of things is to get collision to work.  I am sooo looking forward to that.  
Blog post

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BattleShip DDX Dev Blog 1

Well College sucks, because, I want to work, but I have class during the week, so the only time I have is the weekend, and that is IF I have weekend time. So being in so bright that I am, I remembered I am in a Game Degree degree program. So I am going to make a game, then sell it on xbl and pc. Hopefully it brings enough in so I can eat during the weekends. 
Well I got the idea for this game from an japanese flash game I played several years ago, and was quite fun, but there just wasn't the depth I wanted. So going to take the you control a ship left and right and shoot things, and expand on that. So I am going to try and innovate the battleship shmup genre(???????????). 
anyways So I have been using c# for a while now but this is my first hack at XNA, I like it so far, some of the draw() / update() stuff is weird but I am getting the hang of it. 
So here we have 2 days of work. well I guess I spent 3 hours today and about that yesterday so, not really many man hours. But anyways I am excited about the progress, there is not a lot to see in the image I will post but I have done a lot of back end stuff. 
I set up a blog on my website where I will update. I will post updates on GB too, but not as frequent since I don't want to spam up the boards ( then again this is an actual VIDEO GAME TOPIC). So yeah, I guess there really isn't much to say at this point, But I just wanted to share this with everyone.  


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Drivers, Why bother.

So decided to Update my sound cards drivers tonight. Went on the official site and found the page for my card. Downloaded the drivers. Installed them, with many restarts. Man so many great new features! I love the one that makes it so MY SPEAKERS DONT FUCKING WORK. Really it is not like they didn't work before so I just decided to update them out of responsibility and what do I get no audio. If I knew that would happen I would have been content with using the Default 6 year old drivers. Currently have my speakers plunged directly to the Mobo. honestly can't tell much of a difference. I am going to sleep this stress off, maybe I'll find some way to get the old ones back ( online or dig around to find the install cd)


Why I Play Dynasty Warriors

The latest bombcast got me thinking of why I enjoy playing these games.  And the Fact of the matter is that to me these are just plain fun. There is just something about mindlessly sitting back and cutting dudes. Honestly I usually don't pay attention to the story.  Just skip all that so I can just jump right in. And Jeff is right, these games are not very good. They have very low production values so every thing looks rather terrible. But in the end that doesn't matter because the joy is in the game play. Though I think the games have become worse. I say that because some things have been replaced over the years that maybe should not have. For example they got rid of Bodyguards and have adapted the Renbu system. The Renbu system is a real bother to me since it takes a lot out of the game. Now all you do it hold down the attack button and you attack forever. I liked it better when you actually had a move set with different combinations of attack and charged attacks.  I just picked up DW6:empires  and there is just something strange about the game play that at first glance is not as fun as DW5. Maybe I just have not played much of it yet. I guess that has to be it since I have only been able to get one mission.

Well I hope my thought shed some light on why these games are still being bought and made and why a player like me enjoy playing them.


Can't get excited over the new stuff coming to the ps3

Because mine died this morning :/

Turned off and started blinking red, thought It over heated but after 5 hours later, still nothing.
Anyways I am not raging about spending 150$ to get it fixed but that I don't have anything thing backed up and I have a gamefly disk in there. And I know my luck and I guarantee I will not get my unit back and get a referb with a new drive with nothing of mine on it and I'll never see that game again and they won't bother erasing my HDD and will send that off to some guy who will start buying shit with my acount. Maybe I get a third party to try and fix it, Though that is not guaranteed like sending it in, and then If i try and send it in later they might reject it because it has been tampered with.

but fuck who am I kidding I WANT MY FUCKING SAVES!


So A apparently I had bad stuff on my profile

Just got a email from LIVE saying I was suspended till further notice for inappropriate content on my profile.
But I have not changed the stuff on my profile for ages and I never wrote anything bad on there.
So Guess I will JUST be playing on my ps3 for the time being (no more COD 4 .... fuck).
Also love that customer support won't even talk to me about it. In bold letters it says they will not modify your suspension of explain any further why you were.
Shit I would atleast want to know what was offensive. instead I am left in the dark dreading the day I get my profile back to see what was deleted.


This game is starting to piss me off

Thought this game would be a nice fun game. Man I was wrong.
It is incredibly frustrating. Almost like mega man but you have 1000lives.
So yea It has this dumb ass "suck the player to fall off the edge no matter if you are facing the enemy or not" and "no direction just jump and pray and if you screw up try try again" game play.
Boss battles are really stupid since in order to inflict damage you first have to body slam there head and doing that can be a real hassle.

I played the demo(which was the first level) and really liked that but by the time I got to the 3rd level I was cursing to high heaven. Good thing I rented this. Not sure If I'm going to play any more.


Gamefuel Substitute

If you are like me and loved gamefuel then listen up.
Now this is old and I did not make it up but I wrote the formula different .

take one can of Amp Overdrive
Mix that with about 6 cups(1440ml) of Regular Mt Dew

be careful when you mix the liquids for the mix will rapidly lose its carbonation.
Also realize you just drank Mtdew AND an energy drink so that is a lot of caffeine (plus taurine  and guarana) so be careful.

Tastes SO good.

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