Gundam Musou 2 Inpressions

Well just got it today. got to love the expensive shipping. well actually I did not think it would be one day. it said 1-4 days and since it was from china I thought maybe 2 days but fedex proved me wrong. Which is unfortunate since im in the middle of finals. But o well. Anyways pop it in and started to pay it. First thing i noticed was how much improved the graphics were. They are no MGS4 but they are the best in the series. the game plays how i would expect it to. But the bost does not recharge unless you stand still for a moment. which is bothersome since it is better when everything is fast paced. Only played about an hour and 40mins and am on mission 4 for Amuro. Also im working on some what of a walkthrough for the game. have one mission typed up and I published it. quite bare bones though.


Home- I don't see sh-

so i just read that it will come out in like what 9 days?
well I were the hell is my beta code? i got Qore a long time ago and i thought i was going to get into the beta.
honestly it is not that big of a deal that it's not on my ps3 is that i have not received anything and if i do get anything i would bet it's the day before it's released.


Just Pre-ordered Gundam Musou 2

Finally got around to getting my order through. Got the Fedex shipping so it's going to get to my house in 1-4 days! O yea can't wait! I have inadvertently placed a bet. you see since I used paypal I had to pay upfront but if i used a credit card it would not charge the card tell it shipped. but this the yen droping the games has be come more expencive so hopefully the yen does not spike back up  so I don't feel like i'v lost money. once i get it i will be playing that for months on end so I won't need any new games for a while.
Anyone else gona get it?
Play-asia link will all the avalible versions


Gundam Musou 2 screens

I just added a load of screens up.
got 81 points too!
check them out.
and i have yet to find a shop that will sell this out of japan that has it on preorder yet. thankfully i know play asia will have it soon. but i dont want to spend 20 to airmail it to my house!

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