April Game Jam Week 2

Sup Duuders


Been a busy bee trying to get these gameplay systems working as I want them too. I am close, but still a bit off. Luckily though I am nearing mostly code complete in terms of these game play systems. My biggest problem that I am having right now is the animations and how Unity's mechinam works. Well it works bad, ok that is harsh, but it is not working for me on what I want to do. The problem is I need the movement of the sprite and the sprites sprite animation to be separate and to be called differently. In the game I can move to the enemy and do an attack, but the player can continue making attacks while in the attack state. And with mechinam's animation system I can not move a object while it is in animation state. So right now The main character is 3 objects. A Character holder which contains a character animator which contains a character sprite. So I can animate the sprite, then animate that whole object on top of that, theeeenn I can move the whole thing for effects and what not. Its complicated but it seems to be working. There is this layer thing in mechinam that maybe will solve my problem, but with all these nodes connected like spider webs to each other I kind of just want to rip it all out and play the animation clips in code manually. Unity has the best documentation in the business but with this it defiantly falls flat.

Audio guy got some audio plug ins and is making music, Got a artist that will clean up my art. So things are coming together at the end like they normally do.

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The mess a game can be really is something that I never can get used to. I worry and stress because I have all these pieces of this game that are not connected, but I panic cuse I feel like it won't come together. But it does, just needs a little glue, I definitional don't give myself enough credit for making things.

Don't have any learning for you guys right now, things to much of a mess but hopefully next week I will have something!

Latest build (as of writing only left mouse works)