Freemium deconstruction

An associate of mine Ara Shirinian( The Red Star,Disney/Pixar Cars: Mater-National Championship,Dood's Big Adventure,Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion) Did a talk last month about freemium games and how the effect game design.

As some one that works on mobile games ( and admittedly the company is trying to break away from that ) it is very curious to me how some of these games can make millions of dollars with a free game and with dlc that is optional.

The talk is fascinating and he really is able to break down everything that is going on with these games and the design decisions that they make. The learning curve for freemium games is strangely different then normal games, on these games it is exponential meaning that the more you play doesn't make you get any better. The way he breaks down Puzzles and Dragons makes it seem more like a casino than a game. The egg machine gives you rare eggs, that is awesome right? no the rare eggs are just as useless and uncommon as the common ones, but since there is a chance you think you have good odds and spend money to take a spin. or how the monsterbox works. The talk is almost 2 hours long but well worth it, especially if you were puzzled with some of xbox one's inclusions of microtransactions.

my question was at (1:36:50), where I ask about the future of this dopamine thrill and if it will wear off as more people understand how the game is deceiving them.