The First Time Into Crunch

Well we have about a week to finish all critical, unable to finish game, bugs. Ie trying to go gold crunch time. It is the first time I have been in this situation, everything else I have worked on it would come out when it was ready. This however is a Halloween game therefor it has to be out by Halloween, which we then need to go through apple cert which takes about a week. So really we have little time left even though Halloween is a month away. Honestly we are behind schedule, so I am working 10+hr 7 day shifts at work and man it really sucks. I mean it has to get done and I understand that, but it really strains on the body and mind. And I now understand those stories I have heard of employees sleeping at work just to get through this time.

I am still in this period so I can’t give too much advice, but we have pretty much solved all the bugs on the puzzles, so everything can be completed. And we were able to run through the game last night without it crashing/having to use debug commands. Which is a pretty good feeling, but there is also so so soooo much work to get done and sometimes It really feels overwhelming. Really it is overwhelming there should have been better planning all around, I mean I know I made some schedule mistakes. But really that is the name of the video game dev process. At the end you wish there was more time. But it never comes and that really sucks. It can’t be a block though, I have thought about just shutting down since there is so much work and not enough time but I can’t do that. You can’t just give up. Sometimes I just think of the little things, like my parents playing the game or getting over a small bug, which is just enough to keep me going. You have to have it though, you’re dealing with a lot here and any small thing that keeps you going you have to hold on too.

One of those things was making this small cinematic video I made, which I am excited to show people but at the same time, I can see everything wrong with it. Ie I can see that this item doesn't have the right lightmap, or this item is actually missing. But it’s looking at the project as it is coming to completion and that is a really good feeling.

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