Havent beem drunk in a while

So my gilfrined an I ended things last summer. We decided on being "just friends'" but still being intimate. Everything was going as planned. Haninging out with her kids, spending time with her, either in person or on the phone while she was going through nursing school. But in November something changed. She came over out of the blue at like 4 AM after Black Friday shopping with her mom and sister. We talked for a while about what Christmas gifts she got for her family and we made out for a while before she left to go home. We texted for a week or so. She invited me to go see a movie with her and her daughter. Had a fun time. Come December, I havent laid eyes on her or heard her voice for a month. Just texts. I drop off lunch to her ( as we sometimes do) but she brushes me off and I say hi and act like a prick for the 5 seconds we see each other. She messages me later that day asking why Im mad. I respond with the typical self centered "i havent seen you or heard you for nearly a month. what the fuck is going on? did you find someone else and dont want me around anymore?" response. She turns it around saying shes too busy with school (which never stood in the way) and that she didnt have time. I said "Ok. Whatever." The texting goes on for most of this January (aside form me dropping off Christmas presents for her and her kiddos, who Im head over heels for, and also happens to be my bithday) with a quick chat and a distant hug. Then the other day she asks me to go get dinner with her since she "has a free moment" snd we meet up. Dinner is fine and when she gets to her car its another distant hug and not neary a goodbye from me. And now to day she asks me what I did today and I tell her and she dosent respond to my refletive querry for 2 hours. She finall responds with her and her daughter went to the movies. Now normally this is a normal thing, but every single time its just her and her daughter, she asks me to come along. Pre and post break up. And the theatre is literally 2 minutes from my house. Im finally getting the message. She dosent want to be friends anymore, and dosent want me near her family anymore, and its breaking my heart. Hence why Im drinking some Crystal Skull Vodka (I havent been intoxicated in like 2 years) and feeling goddamned sorry for myself.


Too many voices

Going back and listening to the last few podcasts, something hasnt been sitting right with me. I figured it out what it was though. There are too many full seats all the time now. 4 was just about perfect. But adding in Patrick as a nigh-perma 5th almost causes chaos. Most recently this past week, everyone was trying to talk to everyone else a couple of times. Made for a poor experience. And Im sad to say its because they have 5 chairs now instead of the usual (with the occasional guest spot). And for the 5th to be taken by Kleppek is disheartening. I really dont care for the man. Dont get me wrong, he is a hell of a news person and his reviews are pretty good. I totally dig that work that he does. But as a person/personality in the Bombcast and/or videos, cant stand him. He comes across as very fake to me. Take the Madden QL. He knows that Jeff and the rest dont care for football and pitches in with the "yeah football is kinda goofy, I only like it cause my girlfriend likes it so much." But yet every Sunday you check the GB front page's Twitter feed and there he is fretting over every Bears game. That right there tells me that hes not a very genuine person. Have him on the cast ever so often, but please get back to the 4 way conversation. With some people that are actual people and not someone trying to play up to what he thinks his peers want to hear.


Gameloft has finally done it.

Yes you heard that right. Gameloft has done something right. And by that I mean their DSiWare version of Earthworm Jim is pretty much everything I could want from an EJ portable experience.  It plays almost exactly like the SNES version and the camera stuff while in there is not so distracting as to pull away from the game. I think this plus Dark Void are must buys from the DSiWare store.