My favourite videogame MOMENTS of all time 4ever in my heart bonerland

List items

  • Getting the System and the Game directly from the just landed plane from Japan at the airport. Then steering Mario for the first time with these amazing controls... amazing. you know. amazing. oh and: amazing

  • When you climb the agency tower, trying to figure out the "puzzle" and begin to recognize the change in music and sphere is in itself an amazing game-moment. but when you reach the top and enjoy the view of the city it gets pretty amazing in my book. And you can top that too: kick your buddy down as soon as he reaches the tower for the first time. amazing!

  • If you race your warthog over the crumbling surface of the halo ring together with 3 of your friends, honking and laughing and screaming you know you experienced something special

  • The stage battle on the Anderson farm is so epic and so out of line in context of the whole games so it reaches a new level of awesomeness! (Defend the Stage, Old Gods of Asgard Song)

  • Beating the White Angel Car - I almost died. oh, in my opinion, this game reaches it's full potential when played with the NegCon Controller

  • When Psycho Mantis starts f'in with your Save Files and controlls your controller, my mind was blown. Anyone figured out the controller switch by their own? I didn't.

  • Ride the Dolphin.

  • Watch the Giraffes walk by you.

  • Climb the Agency Tower and get the High Flyer Achievement