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Hi, Bomb Maintainence crew. Little confused here. I went to log in this morning on a laptop that didn't have my password saved in its browser, and it's been so long since I'd logged in manually, that I had to reset my password. No biggie, I thought, I've done this a billion times. However, along with a password reset, came an email verification. Okay, I thought, that's fine, I probably just never clicked the one I initially got.

Sooo, I did the email verification and changed my password, and now suddenly my account is a new, separate one from my original, with no posts and anything. The old account is still here (http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/vaiz/) and, as you can see, has the same name and everything in the actual profile, though the URL lists it as vaiz, which was the name for my whiskey media universal account back in the day. So now there are two punkxblaze accounts running around, both of which are mine, and one of which shouldn't exist?

Is this an effect from the split from Whiskey that I just haven't experienced in the past four years somehow? Can I get my apparently two accounts merged back in to one? Or at least get the proper log in info for my actual account? Any help would be appreciated. I have a Doom thread to keep alive.