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Top 9 games I played in 2019

I'll be honest, there haven't been that many big hitters this year (and that's just going off what I played, not the release date!!) : And so, I've found that my list is of just 9 games I've played that I feel are worthy of the list.

List items

  • I spent the first 20 hours of celeste complaining that I would never be able to finish celeste, and then I did. And then I beat some bonus content, and some more, and some more, and now I'm on the final stretch of '100% completion' and I still don't know how it happened.

    An excellent platformer - 'the hardest game anyone can beat'. I honestly believe everyone has something to get out of celeste, there's just so many options for deciding when you're 'done' with the game.

    Best soundtrack

  • The most delightful hour I have had this year, and I can barely wait to play the sequel.

  • An innovative take on the detective genre which finally makes detectiv-ing feel like it makes sense in a videogame format? Yes please, keep doing this!

    Kraken of the year

  • I played this short phone game one rainy January morning, and I think it's a testament to the game that I still think about it occasionally, in December.

  • I've always avoided monster hunter due to the reputation of the games being horrifically obtuse and layered with too many systems. The latter point is definitely still true of MHW, but the onboarding process is smooth to anyone with a little experience with 'VIDEOGAMES', particularly with friends, and it looks like another few hundred hours of content awaits

  • While Gris might not have the most engaging gameplay, causing mid-game to drag, the set pieces, art and score makes for a beautiful game that competes with the likes of Journey and Abzu

    Best Artwork

  • 4 hours of delightful atmospheric exploration

    Best Atmosphere

  • I've laughed, cried and screamed at my PC playing this game. I'm still undecided if the ability to throw objects is the greatest, or worst thing to ever happen in co-op.

    Best Stress-simulator

  • I'll admit, I haven't wrapped this one up yet but it's been a solid ride. Clunky animations and varied actor quality haven't taken away from what has grown to be an engaging experience which steps beyond your standard 'stealthy-extended-escort-mission' the game premise proposes initially.