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King's Ransom, Perhaps, But Fun 1

OverviewThe fact that this game is a remake of a nearly 20-year old game is, at least to me, a little disconcerting. Not least because remakes usually suck, but also because a lot has changed in the time between then and now - not just the obvious (graphics, etc), but more subtle things. The entire expectation of a gamer is different. Consider that when you buy a game today you have a feature-set expectation depending on the genre of the game; suffice to say, when you purchased a game in 1990 yo...

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A Fine Wine 1

Whenever I purchase a newly released game from Paradox Interactive (PI), I always think of that excerpt from Henry V: "Once more [into] the breach, dear friends ...". It is a good bet that there will be two big scoops of bugs, underneath which there will be complex mechanics and hours of fun. HOI3 is, in a nutshell, pretty much that. So, let's start from the top.  Size First and foremost, this game is huge. And not in that "it has resources, diplomacy, intelligence, etc" huge - but rather in tha...

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A good, if somewhat longwinded, romp. 0

I've always had a special place in my heart for turn-based strategy games. Disciples 2 finds that place, sets up a bachelor pad, and invites some friends over. In fact, it's like a clown car in that respect - which, personally, I find can be a little irritating at times.Now, don't get me wrong - I love a long game. I mean, I'm the kind of guy who plays GalCiv with research on "Very Slow". The problem with Disciples 2 is not so much the length of each scenario, as it is the eventual repetitivenes...

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Potential VS Delivery 3

It's difficult to write a fully encompassing review for a game like X3: Terran Conflict, since it provides the player with a plethora of ways to explore, and interact with, the game world. Maybe you want to be a trade mogul, an "xtreme" pilot, or an opportunistic pirate; regardless of which avenue you decide to go down, it is generally helpful to the player if the game works - "out of the box", as they say.With X3:TC, as the player, you may find yourself torn between what does work, what does no...

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