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Characters Who I Hate

Aggh, these characters are just the most annoying things in the world! I hate thses characters so much! Argh!

List items

  • This thing is just one of those characters you want to never appear in a game again.

  • This sly little fox is just like a shady alley merchant who sells you illegal and fake merchandise for crazy prices... Oh wait, he is...

  • This fancy little princess is just plain spoiled, let alone snobby. She is constantly bossing others around... a trait about people I hate the most...

  • This guy is stupid and one of the easiest fighters to defeat in a DBZ game.

  • I hated her- she only wants Raiden for... "things that will get me banned" and constantly interupts you missions to bother you. If Raiden fails to give her the right compliments and other lovey-dover crap, she breaks out in tears saying she hates you and that you're nothng but a murderer.

  • I hate this thing... let alone his games. Jump from block to block to change there colors to move on to the next level! Yay, too bad this thing doesn't respond to your controls on the PS1 and jumps off the cliff...

  • I hate her. She cannot fight to save her life, and got kidnapped in like, 74 Mario games ever made.

  • This thing looks stupid, is stupid (giving you bottles of water so you can kill it) and just doesn't die!

  • I didn't even like this pajama hero when I was a kid....

  • I didn't like her cheerfull girly-girl damsel in distress personality at all during Final Fantasy 12... I finished the game with all my characterslevel 70 or higher, except Penelo who was still level 35...

  • I hate him- he's my least favorite Kingdom Hearts boss in EVERY Kingdom Hearts game.

  • Annoying thing- I know Where I'm supposed to go, now tell me how to GET there!!!!!

  • I really don't like her, and I don't know many people who actually do.

  • I really don't like her....

  • Do I really need to say anything?!

  • I just don't like him- he's too pushy and doesn't even love his own son *sob*