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Favorite Anime-Video Game Characters

My favorite characters from anime-based games like Yu Yu Hakasho and Naruto.

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  • Chopper is just too cute. I just wanna give him a big hug!

  • Sasuke is my favorite Naruto character, and my favorite Naruto fighting game character. I like his Lightning Blade and how he is always a loner.

  • This pretty boy and womenizer is the main cook for the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece, and one of my favorite fighters in the One Piece games.

  • Who doesn't like Shippo?!

  • Transform!!

  • My favorite Bleach character.

  • Nya- Naruto is so adorable ^-^

  • L is just awsome, I like his laid-back yet determined personality, and how he has the biggest sweet tooth out of every anime character I know ^-^

  • Knux has always been my favorite Sonic character since I started gaming....

  • He was a pretty awsome character, but his story wasn't as strong as the other Silent Hill characters....