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Favorite Games- Pt. 1

A list of my favorite games.

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  • Silent Hill 2 was my favorite journey to Silent Hill yet, filled with meaningful characters, foreshadowing events, the scariest enemies, and the saddest ending I've seen in Silent Hill yet.

  • Silent Hill 3 was by far the scariest of the series. You play as Heather who is being beckoned to enter Silen Hill. She goes, and learns a terrible truth- she is the key to paradise and the "mother of god" to The Order, Silent Hill's deceassed religious cult that is slowly regaining its glory. The storyline is filled with suspense, and the hellish creatures are smarter and much more deadly than last instalments of the Silen Hill series.

  • It may not be as twisted and greusome as Silent Hill, but Fatal Frame 3 does what not many horror-survial games do- pure horrifying supernatural Japanese horror. You're play as a teenaged girl who's brother is missing and who killed her boyfriend in a car accident one stormy night... But you find cluses on legends that your brother was studying before he went missing, and have visions of your boyfriend in a strange ancient Japanese village, the only way to solve what's really going on is to endure the horrors of your nightmares...

  • Resident Evil 4's atmosphere and compelling storyline keeps players at the edge of their seats throughout the entire game. And is that doesn't, being chased down by a couple of hungry brainless zombies with chainsaws might... I can still hear the rattling of their well-used rusted chainsaws tearing through flesh and bones in my mind,,,

  • If you thought stopping two countries from a nuclear war was tough, try doing it with nothing but a tranquilizer gun and trying to survive in a junglr swarming with enemy soldiers.... and the occasional hungry crocodiles just itching for a bite of our hero. This game's engaging storyline of love, betrayel, hate, and lust is one that every video-gamer should endure at least once in their lifetime.

  • The thing that sets this Final Fantasy game apart from the others isn't its exspansive and war-torn storyline, but its introduction to a brand new fighting system never seen in a Final Fantasy game ever before. Instead of the turn-based random enemy encountered battle system of previous Final Fantasy installments, this one features a exploration system where every monster is in real-time doing what they would do in nature, allowing players to think up a stratagy- whether or not it be sneak up and slash or attack from a distance with magic or projectiles- or just running away and avoiding health-threatining battles.