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Most Adorable Characters

A list of cute video game characters.

List items

  • Toku sets out with the Wind Spirit Enril to save the land from an awakening evil by manipulating the elements and seeking out Enril's lost powers.

  • This cute little boy was born as a demon after his parents were transformed into demons by the evil Overlord Zenon. He's just too adorable!

  • I always loved this little dude in the Dig Dug games.

  • This little monkey just wants to take over the world. He's a super genius who brainwashes other monkeys to be his soldiers.

  • There is just something about his childish behaviour that I like...

  • Awww... gangster doggie ^-^

  • Nya!

  • Awww.... He's so chibi! I LOVE him in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

  • Look at how cute this little glutton is ^-^

  • Nya- He reminds me of Sonic, but with way more cuteness!