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  • They changed it from the first game so that it no longer really resembles the AKI wrestling games and that makes it a bit hard for me to get into it. Still seems potentially cool, if I can figure out how to actually play it. Which I might get around to... later.

  • Turns out I think fighting games are not all that fun if you have no idea what the hell you're doing. So I didn't mess around with this one long.

  • dddddddd

    Combat takes too long, happens too frequently, and is a bit more complicated than it perhaps should be as a result of a bunch of different systems and mechanics which muddles things, while simultaneously being kinda too simple to really feel like it's all that strategic.

    Everything else is pretty good. It's pretty. The story seems cool. The Oregon Trail esque parts are brutal.

  • dddddddd

    Spacechem is the Super Meat Boy of puzzle games. I love it even as I accept that I suck at it. However unlike Meat Boy it comes wit the added benefit of making me feel fucking stupid.

  • I keep messing with this on my phone on occasion and it's pretty neat but I doubt I'll ever actually finish it at this point.

  • dddddddd

    Played some of the pc version, but it ran chuggy as hell on my laptop. Now I'm playing through the story mode on the 360 version.

    Here's a fighting game I actually sorta know how to play. Least well enough to fight (or occasionally cheese) my way through the story mode on normal. The story mode is, as promised, a very well implemented fighting game story mode.

  • Gets off to a really, really, REALLY slow start. Didn't make much progress as a result.

  • My nephew and I play games together sometimes when I'm watching him. But the problem is he'll find a game he enjoys and then wants to play the game over and over and over. Currently the game is Black Ops 2, which is driving me a bit crazy.

    A couple years ago we made it through all of Reach together, so I got this thinking he might like to play it as well. I like it, but unlike reach, odst has has some moments where there's a bit of downtime between the grandiose Halo style missions, and we kinda lose steam during those parts.

    Though I think maybe there's a horde mode type thing in this game and that's something I should give a shot. It might be a nice way for us to have some fun with this. he likes horde type modes a lot.

  • dddddddd

    I find myself to be a bit less into this than I was with 3D Land. I mostly attribute this to the fact that 3D land was on the handheld and I could pick it up and play a level at any point as soon as I felt like it no matter where I was. I could almost kinda do that with the Wii U gamepad screen but I'd rather play the game in HD on a tv because it looks so good! However I only occasionally actually sit down and play it.

    Also played a little of this co-op with my nephew. We tend to end up getting in each others way or he'll run way ahead while I'm trying to find secrets and stuff. It's not the ideal way to play the game but it's fun in occasional short bursts.

  • +++++++++++

    The Wii U's save states are helping alleviate some of the old ass rpg tediousness that might be there without them, for example it's nice being able to reload and fight a boss again immediately after you die rather than having to wake up at the hospital or just reloading your save and fighting all the random enemies as you work your way back to it.

    But minus those somewhat minor issues which the consequence of antiquated design choices (which are entirely forgivable because this game is in fact a 90s console jrpg after all) this game still seems pretty damn fresh and genuinely special for someone playing it for the first time in 2015. I fucking love it. The mechanics are simple, but they aren't tedious and have a few fun quirks. That's really what makes the game as a whole great, it's got quirk and charm and is really like nothing else.

  • +++++++++++

    The game looks great and has a fantastic soundtrack. The story and presentation are cool but not quite as impactful as Bastion's because they're using some of the same tricks, only it's a lot more vague and not as fresh this time around, plus the emotional payoff that Bastion has just isn't there due to a slight lack of investment in the characters this time round. Perhaps a result of the details of the story and main characters being tucked away in optional documents made it not resonate with me as much.

    The mish mash of real time/turn based rpg mechanics is really quite brilliant, however the generic enemies you fight over the course of most of the game didn't take full advantage of it. I found the challenge rooms more fun than any combat scenarios in the story itself (save for the final fight) because those required strategy and forced you to try different things. The story combat encounters were quite mindless. Spamming your moves of choice until the enemies are dead worked just fine. There was fun to be had swapping various functions around and trying out different combinations of abilities, but there wasn't really any requirement to do so and it really didn't make up for the uninteresting enemies you're fighting for most of the game.

    The final boss fight however was a much more satisfying use of the cool mechanics, if there had been more fights like that throughout the game it very well could have ended up being one of my favorite games of all time. As it was it was still a pretty cool game, if slightly disappointing with just how close it was to being an all time personal favorite.

  • dddddddd

    This is a game from my childhood. Back in the day I wasn't able to finish it because I was bad at games and lost interest. Fast forward to recent times and I tried to play through this due to nostalgia, as it's supposed to be pretty short, but I lost interest about halfway through. It's not bad, but even a couple hours felt too long for me.

  • dddddddd

    Much harder than pushmo, and more puzzle like. But as a result it's often much more frustrating.

    With Pushmo 99% of the solutions were "pull out all the blocks you can and keep working your way up" which didn't really require much actual puzzle solving, it was actually kind of mindless most of the time. With Crashmo when I got stuck I'd often actually have to have a good long think about what I needed to do and how to go about doing it. If I solve it I get quite a sense of satisfaction. If I can't figure it out I feel like a moron and want to set the 3DS on fire.

  • +++++++++++

    I really like the... uh, I guess it'd be most accurately described as the editing of Wolfenstein's cutscenes. It's the first big shooter I know of that's got the Thirty Flights of Loving style fast paced cuts and transitions thing going on and that's cool. The characters are surprisingly compelling which makes the story stuff be more than just an excuse to do crazy shit like gunning down a bunch of high tech nazis on the moon and whatnot. Of course it didn't need to have extra depth as "hey there are nazis on the moon!" is all the justification one should need to go about the business of virtually killing nazis on the moon as that shit's fun, but still it's impressive that they managed to make me care about the reasons I'm killing said moon nazis.

    I can feel the Butcher Bay lineage in the game, too. The stealth mechanics are real good. Something's missing though. I think I miss the melee that game offered. And also maybe don't love any of the weapons, my favorite thing is going around with the silenced pistol and throwing knives but sadly you can't always stay stealth and the more actiony bits just have me wishing I was going around stabbing dudes all sneaky like.

    Also I miss the metroidvania style level design of the prison in Butcher Bay. In Wolfenstein the various levels are fine but strike me as being forgettable, other than the aforementioned moon level as I love me some moon levels. The prison being one big connected thing added a lot to Butcher Bay.

    So safe to say it's not blowing my mind or anything but I really enjoy it.

  • dddddddd

    murdering hundreds of orcs is fucking fun as hell and only becomes more satisfying when you know their names

    I don't know what that says about me psychologically but it's true

  • Another game I tried co-op with my nephew. I enjoyed it the one afternoon we played it but thus far we haven't gone back to it

  • Here's the game my nephew keeps wanting to go back to. Sometimes multiplayer, 1 v 1 or with bots, or sometimes zombie mode. It's fine, but I eagerly steer my nephew in other directions when I see the opportunity to do so because I can only take so much of this

  • +++++++++++

    Played about an hour of this back in May, it seems to be a fairly light puzzle-y game that was kinda neat but haven't picked it back up since that first time I played it.

    Finished it now and it is a really charming and pleasant game. I quite liked it.

  • +++++++++++

    this game is almost like if ftl were about a princess instead of a spaceship, only the events aren't randomly generated like they are in ftl so once you know the events that are coming up and the skills you need to pass them it makes the whole thing feel like a grind. Still pretty neat, glad I checked it out for myself, as this isn't really my typical thing.

  • 22222222

    Started replaying this and hey turns out I still think the game's pretty cool! Phew!

  • +++++++++++

    Another game I play with the nephew. The rpg and loot mechanics made it a bit harder for him to wrap his head around than a traditional shooter. And the UI for inventory or the map is terrible when playing split screen. As a consequence frequently we end up getting lost or not being able to figure out how to reach whatever objective we're after. Also sometimes the objective is something that just requires a lot of walking around and talking, which doesn't tend to go over as well with my impatient and action focused nephew.

    But when we get past that stuff and we're just shooting enemies with a bunch of different guns this game is a lot of fun.


    played a good couple hours of this, and it's very fun.

  • +++++++++++

    All this Mario Maker talk had me itching to play some classic Mario and so I did.

    I've loved most every 3D Mario game since Mario 64 but I'd never actually finished a classic 2D Mario game before finally beating this. Turns out it's a pretty great game. But I'm pretty bad at it. Grinding a bunch of 1ups on an easy level helped speed up my progression quite a bit.

  • Another classic Mario game I've been messing with. It's good but I suck at this game too. And can't grind out a bunch of 1ups on an easy level so I'm hitting a lot of continues and not exactly making a ton of progress.

  • +++++++++++

    Puzzles have very obscure solutions, I can't figure most of them out without a guide. Story was intriguing. World was interesting and I really liked exploring it.


    Last time I played Rock Band was maybe 2009 and it was fun. Turns out Rock Band's still fun.

  • +++++++++++

    Low key, mellow platformer. So simple even I, someone almost physically incapable of playing a game while listening to a podcast, was able to beat it while listening a bombcast and actually pay attention to what was being said on the podcast.

  • +++++++++++

    I dig the soundtrack, and the platforming was not bad either so I had a good time.

  • +++++++++++

    Like last of us's main game, the story was very good but I coulda done without mandatory combat sequences, though later on they did allow you to attract spore zombies and use them to kill or distract the human enemies, and having human and spore zombie enemies on the same battlefield and being able to mess around with them all and pit them against each other in that way was a cool new touch that sure would have been nice in the main game. I seem remember for the most part the main game seeming like it kept the zombies and humans separated. Coulda messed around with more of that stuff, actually.

  • +++++++++++

    Inexplicably addicting.

  • +++++++++++

    The game has an oddly serious story shoved in there, which I wasn't expecting. Not necessarily a baaaad story... but to me it felt ...incongruous to the experience (I'm probably using incongruous wrong in this sentence, right?).

    I mean the story may fit into some theoretical puzzle game but it didn't fit the tone of this particular puzzle game. Probably in large part because the whole story was told entirely through the Portal style narration (only without any attempts at humor, though humor would not have fit the very serious story they were telling, I think this narration style storytelling schtick greatly benefits from a little silliness here and there), but where Portal was smart enough to at least throw in some environmental story telling, Qube pretty much fully kept to the clean blocky puzzle rooms thing up through to the end. And by the time the story really picks up the pace and starts throwing questions at you about who you are and what you're really doing you're almost finished the game. So it just felt tacked on.

    But for the most part the actual puzzle solving stuff was clever and fun, and it was short enough that it didn't overstay its welcome. Glad I finally got around to playing it.

  • the characterizations have been handled in a way that some characters are a little one note or grating or just plain off but I still like the characters and find the gameplay fun. Mapping stuff is pleasant. The dungeon puzzles can be a bit of a hassle.

  • The multiplayer games went over well with my nephew. we had a fun time over thanksgiving. also some of the single player games are alright as well so overall not a bad bundle game.

  • +++++++++++

    a solid puzzle game with a few unexpected and weird story touches in there.

  • More pushmo. fine by me.

  • So after watching all of the mario maker streams and playing some of the older games I went ahead and just got mario maker. It's preeeeeeetty good.

  • played with my nephew and hey this game's also preeeeeeetty good.

  • +++++++++++

  • +++++++++++

    I think I bought this game a little before I even bought a PS3.

    started it: September 2010

    finished it: december 2016

    fucking took me long enough...

    At a certain point I started to think of this game like a bottle of wine that I was saving for a special occasion

    the boss fights, often a highlight of previous mgs games for me, were mostly rather underwhelming, and the after fight HERE'S TEN MINUTES DEVOTED TO OVERWROUGHT EMOTIONAL DIALOG BEING SPOKEN OVER A STATIC SCREEN ABOUT THE REASONS THE SEXY LADY YOU JUST FOUGHT WAS SO DAMAGED about each of the b&bs was a rather clunky way to handle things.

    But overall the game was a fun ride. Glad the Metal Gear Scanlon series finally inspired me to sit down and actually play it.

  • 2016 starts here!


  • +++++++++++

  • +++++++++++

    road to gehenna dlc


    This game is just really fucking awesome.

  • dddddddd

  • +++++++++++

  • +++++++++++

    I've enjoyed playing Dishonored so far, but unfortunately the story and certain systems strongly encourage you to play the game a certain way, non lethally, and I am trying to do so, but early on dealing with the rather limited non lethal options at your disposal ends up feeling a bit tedious/underwhelming, while in the menu there I can see what seems to be a much wider variety of seemingly fun lethal options I won't touch because the game doesn't want me to play that way. So it's like the game is encouraging you to play it in a boring way and that's not good.

    On the last mission I finally really let loose and used my abilities and stuff to the fullest. I darted around with blink, possessing people and stopping time at will, just kept moving and reacting, not worrying about alarms or resetting if I fucked something up, and as a result I flew through the mission and it was fun.

    Unfortunately before that my usual experience was more like this:

    see a bunch of enemies and have an idea for something cool I want to do to take them all out quietly

    try it

    fail then want to reload

    realize I hadn't saved for a while

    reload and do a bunch of stuff I'd done before the point I tried the thing

    get back to the moment I tried the cool thing then save right before trying the cool thing again

    fail again

    reload and fail one more time, this time because the game does something weird like the choke button prompt disappears as I'm trying to push it and I whiff, or something

    try again and fuck up because I accidentally picked the wrong power or weapon or something from the weapon wheel

    change my idea for the cool thing a little to make it more achievable

    finally do a variation of the cool thing, only to realize it wasn't as cool as I hoped it might be

    That's basically my Dishonored experience in a nutshell. Nothing's ever quite as cool as I thought, and it was often rather frustrating trying to pull it off. All the powers are just a little too limited. Your inventory for stuff like sleeping darts is a little too limited. I dunno.

  • seems I'm one of the people who's perfectly happy to play a new, only slightly improved Bethesda Fallout game. I suppose I might also be inclined to like it because of the fact that it's set in Massachusetts not far from where I live. I'm easy like that.

  • +++++++++++

    Yeah, this game's a bigger, (and probably better, though being a sequel not as fresh) Mario 3D Land, and I have no problem with that. Both games have really grown on me since I first started them. As someone who dabbled with classic 2D Mario games but didn't really fall in love with the series until Mario 64, I was a bit put off by the combination of classic 2D Mario game design and newer Mario 3D gameplay sensibilities at first. But the Mario magic is still there, and when it got me under its spell it ended up being just as potent as ever. And now I'm working on collecting all the big coins/stars and all that stuff in both games.

  • **************

    First few times just played a fair amount of this with only my nephew but eventually got my niece to give it a shot and she also dug it. Mario Chase and the Luigi's Mansion game are pretty cool. Animal Crossing is also not bad.

  • Went through and collected the big coins I'd missed as well as beat all the levels with both characters and gave the final bonus level a shot but it's a bit more than I can handle.

  • the subconscious effect of dan ryckert's digital face made me stop playing this game

  • +++++++++++

    It's a pretty solid 2d puzzle platformer a la Limbo with a story in the same vein as Brothers. The story's based on a story an Inuit grandfather used to tell so that's kinda neat, and it was good. The puzzle platforming was fine, though towards the end give you a new mechanic that doesn't particularly feel quite right, it felt slow and clumsy, and at times you're given a bit of a time crunch to do some of the puzzle platforming bits, and the combination of those factors plus the occasional bit of physics related wonkiness did lead to a bit of frustration.

    There's also some pretty cool short little videos about various aspects of Inuit culture and stuff, which is a nice touch.

  • Me and my nephew got a decent ways through this. Though doing so seems to make him more interested in going back to Borderlands 2 even though we already beat the main campaign in that game and leaving this one unfinished to play a game that is finished drives me a bit crazy.

  • I continue my sporadic progress through this game whenever I feel like a need a bit of Persona 4 fan service. I enjoy the combat, particularly FOE or bossfights which can be challenging enough to feel rather rewarding, and I dig exploring and mapping out the dungeons provided the puzzles don't get too in the way, but mostly I'm here for an occasional dose of Kanji, Rise, Naoto, Yukiko, and the gang. Though they unfortunately do maybe throw a bit too much horny Teddy at you and this game's version of Chie is a bit off. And the Persona 3 gang's there too, which is also nice.

  • My nephew and I keep going with our sporadic progress through this game, but he isn't all that into it. Seems we can't even make it through one mission before he wants to do something else.

  • So my nephew managed to get me to play more Borderlands 2. It's still alright. Though I'd rather we kept going with the pre-sequel.



  • +++++++++++

    This was another uncharted ass uncharted game, and it seems I was very much up for that.

    The gameplay of uncharted games has always been fairly shallow, a lot of the gameplay bits wouldn't be all that appealing in a vacuum if they didn't wrap them all together in a nifty package with a lot of polish and some pretty graphics as a bow on top, but they do.

    I'm pretty sure the stealth system was a bit more fleshed out than in previous games, so I did a bunch of stealthing around during combat sequences, while in previous games I was running and gunning and punching dudes in the face I had just as good a time stalking through tall grass and jumping on a dudes head then using the grappling hook to jump onto a cliff. And this game did a good job of spacing out the fights and mixing in some unique combat scenarios so that I didn't feel overwhelmed by the amount of combat sequences and didn't get tired of the fighting sections before the end.

    They also fleshed out the platforming bits so that a lot of the time an area would have multiple different routes you could climb, though they'd all eventually funnel you along to the next path you needed to go to the next area some of the individual areas got fairly large, so there were a lot of different nooks and crannies to search if you were so inclined (and for the most part I was) so it seemed a bit less linear even if it really wasn't much different. Though unfortunately the puzzles weren't very interesting. That's one area where this game was lacking.

    The story was a classic treasure hunt type story and I'm a sucker for a treasure hunt. In the early going they mix in a few chapters that may seem a bit mundane, where Nathan is going about normal life things like a very low key salvage job and having dinner with his wife, but I thought these scenes give you a decent window into his life and provided some nice context and characterization before they inevitably go off on the treasure hunt. I had some nitpicks with some aspects of the story, but there's no overt mystical nonsense happening this time round. Unless you count the extremely, EXTREMELY far-fetched feats of pirate engineering. And the ending was rather sweet.

    I remember after having a rather disappointing time with uncharted 3 I wasn't sure I really want any more uncharted, but now Uncharted 4 left me feeling like I could go for another adventure in a few years. Though it sounds like there's not gonna be any more Uncharted games coming down the pipe it's nice that what may be the final game left me wanting more.

  • +++++++++++

    For a game that started off on phones and is a steampunk adaptation of a novel published in the 1870's it's pretty alright.

    I played it on a whim, got addicted and stayed up late finishing a successful trip around the world in 65 days.

  • +++++++++++

    Doom is really fantastic.

    The combat is fast and challenging enough to feel satisfying as hell.

    The weapons are basically all fun as hell to play with.

    The enemies are all pretty damn fun to fight and there is enough of a variety of enemies that the game can mix and match them in various encounters and it doesn't ever feel repetitive.

    I love exploring for secrets, the level design is fucking great.

    My only complaints are on occasional a level will put you in a fight on slim ground over instant death pits which isn't great.

    And sometimes you're blocked off from returning to a previous part of a level without any warning, which means if you missed out on a secret or something you have to start the level over, which bugs me as I like finding secrets but every once in a while I'd miss out on one because I entered a room and now can't go back.

    And there's the occasional fight that goes on long enough that maybe it could use a checkpoint in there somewhere. There was one fight in particular where they pulled a little bit of a "you thought the fight was over? Think again!" and it was probably the lengthiest battle up to that point, and when the last couple super powerful enemies spawned in, which hey that's cool but come on don't make me fight everything leading up to that moment again.

    But those are minor things and I can't remember ever having more fun with a single player shooter.

  • ttttttttttt

    my nephew and I have been sporadically poking away at the story mode since 2011 and we finally finished the last couple levels.

  • spec ops with the nephew

  • I wish this game had a better story and/or characters but the combat system is a cool take on the Shin Megami Tensei style and there's enough strange jpop shenanigans to amuse me along the way.

  • Seems I'm in the mood to dabble with kinda silly jrpg's with jpop in them for some reason.

    This game kinda seems like a precursor to FF XIII in terms of how the combat system works. And it seems they did it better in this game since you can actually swap individual characters roles on the fly during combat, while in XIII you had to swap between a select group of preset team alignments, so if you need a healer real quick you can just make Yuna a healer. Or you can make what's her face a thief to steal from the boss then swap to something that deals damage. Or you can switch the new lady to... I dunno. But I like this combat system a fair amount.

    The story seems dumb, but it a charming sorta way at times.

  • +++++++++++

    I've been regularly playing board games with few friends of mine over this past year or so and had a lot of fun, and when I saw the quick look for this game I thought it looked like a neat single player board game style thing that is very luck based and challenging I was into it.

    Thanks to humble bundle I was able to pick it up and just now played through it. I figured it would be something that I'd mess around with for a bit at first then maybe get back to it every once in a while and probably fail a bunch because it seemed really harsh in the quick look.

    But it turns out they added an easy mode and the tutorial mode seems to default to easy, and when I fired it up I was actually able to make it all the way to the end that very first try. Which was a bit of a disappointment on some level, as now I ain't exactly itching to do it again right away, even on a higher difficulty.

    But despite that, I did dig it. It has a cool theme, and enough strategy to feel like I didn't just make it through on blind luck. And I suppose there's always the possibility of fucking around with it on normal at some point in the future.

  • I think the idea of maintaining a kingdom of heroes over decades and centuries is interesting, but the combat part is kinda underwhelming. The maps are a bit too big and take too long to clear out, especially if there's an enemy tucked away in a littler corner you missed and you have to go search it out.

    My early impression is I think the random generation aspect of this game needed more refinement. My randomly generated heroes all have horrible attributes. The randomly generated combat maps don't lend themselves to very interesting or strategic situations that you want from a tactical strategy game.

  • +++++++++++

    The combat grew on me a bit after I figured out how it really worked and the style and story were still strong.

  • I really want to love this game but I can't figure out how to actually, uh... play it

    like what the hell am I actually supposed to do?

  • +++++++++++

    I just "finished" the Mario half of Puzzle & Dragons. I say "finished" because of course it being in the style of a Mario game these days means after you beat the first half you see the credits and then open up another half of special courses but I ain't gonna play those, as I was growing tired of swirling gems and looking for big combos and hoping for a little luck from the pieces falling from off screen by the end.

    Though to be fair I played something ridiculous like 40+ hours of the game in the last 2+ weeks, and it doesn't change very much gameplay wise from minute 1 up through hour 40 soooooooo of course I got a bit tired of it, if anything it got a little worse as you got further because there's a total of 6 different types of gems, they start you off with only 4 and introduce new ones fairly early as each stage mixes and matches the gems that are part of the board for that level and the types of enemies you face, but the ones that make you play with all 6 types are the worst, since it's almost impossible to get a significant combo going with that many types of gems involved without a miracle. But damn if it ain't addictive. I'd usually pick it up and say "I'll just play a level real quick" while watching a UPF or something and then next thing you know I'd look up and see the UPF had ended some time ago and I didn't notice because I was too focused on the swirling.

  • +++++++++++

    A cool game, though it relied a bit more than I liked on the trick of "you can't solve this puzzle until you stand in the right spot and then it'll show you the exact solution for this puzzle." I feel that isn't actually puzzle solving and it doesn't provide the same level of satisfaction of actually figuring out a solution.

  • +++++++++++

    The campaign has a few really cool tricks up its sleeve and it's very fun.

    Also I intentionally chose the dialog options that seemed more flirty when responding to my titan.

  • +++++++++++

    When I bought a PS3 in early 2009 I did so with two games in mind, MGS4 and this one. I preordered a PS3 version of this game after the first trailer at E3 or whatever it was. I find it somewhat fitting that I didn't actually play MGS4 until December 2015, then Last Guardian until a year after that. The PS3 version had long been cancelled and all the trouble and various questions around this game made me a bit wary, so I ended up redboxing this one rather than buying it, but I'm glad I actually got to finally play it myself.

    It is very much of a piece with Shadow of the Colossus and Ico (leaning quite a bit more towards the Ico end of things I think), but hey as someone who likes both those games that's fine by me. It doesn't do anything mind blowing, it's just a solid puzzle game with a cool bird/cat/dog creature who I liked interacting with (pro tip don't name the trico creature after one of your own pets if you don't want to feel super bad anytime anything happens to it) and the cool atmosphere, world design, and mysterious yet emotionally affecting story I expect from an Ueda game.

    Also I got a trophy when I caught Trico peeing. It pees weird little globules of liquid that you can pick up and throw. All the years of development were justified.

    Camera, lighting, checkpoints, framerate and controls all provided some slight to moderate annoyances along the way, but that didn't ruin the experience because as long as I could give Trico a belly rub any time I wanted I was all set.

  • +++++++++++