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  • This was a good game to play during the downtime of a vacation. Didn't finish it so maybe I will have to bust it out next time I go someplace.

  • started Puzzle & Dragons Z

  • ************

  • ++++++++++

    This game feels like someone wanted to make a new Resident Evil, added a touch of Saw, a dash of True Detective season 1, a bit of the Amnesia style of modern horror game, and a healthy helping of old school Resident Evil but in first person perspective, and somehow it turned out really good.

    The early parts are definitely the stronger parts. The later sections seem to be a lot more, um, confined? By that I mean there's just not as much opportunity to go exploring as it becomes more of a shooter. And the story takes a bit of a turn. But overall it was definitely worth seeing through to the end.

  • trying out my new laptop, this game did not work so well

  • ditto

  • ++++++++++

    Scuba Diving Journey is an apt summary for this. But Journey was more emotionally affecting, it took my emotions for a real roller coaster ride. While Abzu was kinda just a pleasant way to spend a couple hours and it didn't have nearly the impact that Journey had on me.

  • ++++++++++

    Pretty solid puzzle game. Some were quite devious. A handful were a little too devious for my measly brain.

    I didn't pay much attention to the story going on around the puzzles, but what I did see made me think it probably deserved my attention.

  • ++++++++++

    threw myself into this during an blizzard that gave me an unexpected February break and I've had almost as much fun playing Sleeping Dogs as I had watching Vinny play Sleeping Dogs, which is to say I had a hell of a lot of fun playing Sleeping Dogs. This game's pretty darn great.

  • ++++++++++

    This game is solid. I have a slight problem that puzzles have only one solution, and the game gets more strict about that one solution the later you go so you can't even mess around on some of the later puzzles, one wrong move and you will fail. But the puzzles are satisfying and clever, and it still manages to do some cool stuff along the way and sorta feel like a tomb raider game.

    Though in contrast, Hitman Go did manage to give you some reason to solve things a different way with it's bonus objectives, which were often things like kill everyone or pick up a hard to reach case placed on the level or solve the puzzle in under a certain number of steps, things you might have missed or skipped the first time you solved it and thus gave you a reason to play and solve puzzles a couple times. Lara Croft Go's biggest issue is it replaces those sorts of bonus objectives with basically a rather tedious pixel hunt to find collectibles hidden in the background of levels, which I didn't think was that great on a computer screen (I bought the game on steam) as some of those collectibles were quite deviously hidden and finding them wasn't satisfying. I can't imagine how it would be at all tolerable trying to look for them on a much smaller phone screen. And the only benefit for actually finding them is extra outfits which really aren't that much of a benefit since the fun ones, like a Hitman suit, were unlocked from the get go, and a couple won't be unlocked until after I finish aaaaaaaaall the levels including a bonus batch of levels, and since there isn't any real reason to play stages again then why bother?

    I bother because I'm crazy. But you know. That's not a good reason.

  • ++++++++++

    This game is pretty neat. Some adventure gamey style "use this thing on this thing" type scenarios sent me running for a guide because I wasn't about to run around trying everything in my inventory on everything else whenever I was at a loss, but for the most part the puzzles were clever, and the story was quite interesting. It ends on a real fucker of a cliffhanger though, so that's a shame. I mean the story it tells has a full arc, it's just I really would be curious to see what they do next, and seems like that isn't gonna happen.

    Also had a bit of trouble with the controls, played the Wii U version and it made my hands feel awkward, and they didn't bother giving any information about how the controls were mapped on the controller so it took me too long to figure out how to interact with things, which is kind of a key part of the game.

  • ++++++++++

    It's definitely charming. This is a pretty good "spend a few minutes finishing one or two puzzles then do something else for a while" kind of game.

    I was originally sort of incredulous that Nintendo thought it was a good idea to charge 40 dollars for this game but it really does have quite a bit of craftsmanship, there are plenty of neat ideas and mechanics put into a thing that could have just been (or at least looked to me like) a prettied up phone game with a bunch of palette swap takes on one puzzle concept charged at a Nintendo premium. 40 is still much more than I would have paid for it but I don't think it's quite as ridiculous that Nintendo charged that much. Still, 30 would have been much more reasonable. And I wouldn't have paid more than 20.

  • ++++++++++

    Many of the single player levels feel kinda like obstacle courses, they sort of remind me of the part of every call of duty game where early on you run through a course and at the end you're ranked and told "play on this difficulty" only if instead of a campaign you then just went on to do more obstacle courses. But they're fun! And it mixes in a new concept each level so it isn't too repetitive. Plus there are levels where you run through the multiplayer maps fighting AI and a few puzzle esque boss fights to give you a something a bit different every few stages. The boss fights are quite good. The final boss is a delight from a concept standpoint, it's a fuckin dj octopus with what appears to be an original xbox logo on it for some reason, though also a much longer and tougher than the others.

    The music is fantastic. Often after I'm finished playing I'll leave the game on a few extra minutes just to listen to it for a bit longer.

    This game is also the first time I've played an online competitive multiplayer mode without a friend to party up with since I played a bit of Team Fortress 2 back in the day and even just jumping into a match solo is quite fun.

  • ++++++++++

    My nephew and I have started this after finally finishing off the first game some time last year. The story/campaign mode seems like a definite improvement in most ways.

    The game has been entirely a nice pleasant fun time all the way up till the final couple levels which are almost making me feel like Alex playing through the megaman 4 boss rush only I can't save scum. Eh okay they weren't quite that bad but it was a definite ramp up of difficulty from everything that had come before it.

  • ++++++++++

    hey this is a really good game.

    I feel one of the game's big strengths is it's easy to pick out a small achievable goal, like climb a tower of get to that shrine or reach that town, and just go do it. And if I happen to find something along the way that catches my eye, and something probably will, I can just do that too and it probably won't take too much time or if it ends up being something more substantial then I won't mind that I didn't achieve my initial goal. And I find even the more mundane tasks like cooking to be kind of soothing in some inexplicable way. That's how I usually wind down at the end of playing or after fighting a big fight or something.

    Though the inventory is kind've a train wreck that really adds too much tedious annoyance to an otherwise great experience. Why this game doesn't have a box to store your fancy weapons that I am saving for boss fights or other tough special fights so you don't have to haul them around all the time I don't understand. Why it doesn't separate useful items like korok leaves and torches into a different category so they don't eat up a weapons slot I don't understand. Why they don't include a pick axe for mining ore I don't understand.

    And I do understand why they maybe decided to change the design so the Wii U couldn't take advantage of the dual screen set up because you don't want the old version to be better than the new Switch one (though that didn't hurt the Wii with Twilight Princess) it doesn't mean I like it. Because that could have alleviated a lot of these annoyances.

    These are nitpicks sure, but they add up.

    Doesn't change the ultimate conclusion that I haven't been quite this blown away by a Zelda game since Ocarina of Time. I've been playing what might be considered an almost unhealthy amount it for an entire month. I've done almost everything significant I could find to do. And even now that I've finished the main quest to "Defeat Ganon" I still want to play more. The only reason I'll stop is because there won't be much left for me to do. I'm 108 hours in and I only have a couple shrines left to find. When I find them I'll have to move on, at least unless there is some cool dlc?

    Never thought I'd ever want a Zelda game to have dlc.

  • ++++++++++

    Finally crossed this one off the old to do list. It was pretty darn cool, and sure held up quite well for a shooter from 2012. I could see little bits of Titanfall 2 in there, and probably some Wolfenstein New Order too, and even the new Doom as this game had the whole melee executions give you health back thing as a possible upgrade, and that happened to be the first upgrade I picked so I did a lot of melee executions and basically played the game the a lot like the way I played Doom as a result. But the hacking power stuff made the game interesting in its own right.

    The abilities and weapons were fun. The boss fights were interesting and challenging. The story... existed. It was fine. And the game had high profile actors who weren't terrible voicing a game. Here's another game where I'm kinda bummed it looks like this game won't be getting a sequel.

    All in all I'm quite glad I finally got the chance to play this one.

  • ++++++++++

    Thought about playing this game along with Persona 5, figured I'd play through a mission and it'd take about an hour, then I could play an hour or so of Persona. Only after picking up where I left off with my save late last year the first mission I played took me nearly 3 hours.

    It was fucking tense and heck and every decision I made was agonizing in a pretty fun way. Decisions could be agonizing in a way that sometimes happens when you're playing a good strategy game.

    Finished it on beginner, and I won't go back to play it again on a higher difficulty right now even though I unlocked some stuff, new characters and abilities.

    Something about this game makes me wish it weren't a full on rogue like that you had to play a bunch of times. It's not that I hated the randomization, that does provide more replayability, but I don't like the idea that you play it to unlock more stuff for when you play it again. I wish all the stuff were unlocked from the get go even if you randomly only get to see certain things based on your choices or whatever. Seeing stuff unlock at the end I didn't think "oooh that seems cool I need to play this again!" but rather "man that seems useful I wish I coulda gotten that."

    I think what it is is I love Spelunky, but that's a game where you can play through it in a half hour or so. Hell there's an achievement for beating the game in under 8 minutes. But it's harder for me to get into longer rogue likes where it takes hours of progress to finish a game, because I don't want to restart, regardless of whether I fail or succeed, after hours of progress.

  • ++++++++++

    like journey but with flowers and motion controls and not as good

    it was an alright way to spend an afternoon but it falls behind abzu in the rankings of "journeylikes" that I played this year

  • ++++++++++

    I had to play this game by the Persona team at some point and for some reason I chose the time where Persona 5 came out and I could play that instead but no I'll play the weird older game first.

    The block puzzle stages are bad. When they involve giant enemies chasing you down they're even worse.

    The part where you're hanging out at a bar talking to people and dealing with relationship problems is interesting. The psychological test aspect seems tacked on in the early going but maybe that goes somewhere.

    But man I really hope the block puzzles don't get so frustrating that I decide to give up at some point. I would like to see it to the end but I'm not gonna force myself to play through it if it comes to that.

    Finished now. Catherine wasn't awful or torturous. A couple of the puzzles ended up making me go "fuck this this is fucking annoying I'm looking at a guide" but the vast majority of them were just monotonous. It sorta reminded me of Pushmo in the way that when I am playing a Pushmo game I don't necessarily feel like I'm "solving" a puzzle in the same way as when I was playing something like Talos Principle or The Witness, as unlike those games the puzzles in Pushmo and Catherine don't require much in the way of actual consideration. You just kinda keep moving in the direction you need to move, which is usually up for both of those games, and much of the time the next move is often pretty obvious.

    The difference is while Pushmo is more or less a low key and mellow experience, Catherine had stuff that made it much more annoying and/or tedious, like traps and enemies and an ever ticking timer till the bottom dropped out on you that could all kill you and make you do a bunch of things over.

    On the story front I think there's a weird disconnect between your choices in how you respond to text messages and the psychological questions, and how Vincent's thoughts and actions play out. So even that didn't fully work for me, but it was interesting/entertaining enough to keep me going till the end.

  • ++++++++++

    It's a good game but I can't help but be a little disappointed by it. I quite liked its predecessor so I was sure I wanted to play it, and when it first came out Brad was talking up the game and particularly how it significantly ramped up the amount of actual tomb raiding that you do while easing back on the amount of combat and how great it was as a result so I became even more excited.

    But there's not quite as much tomb raiding as I was led to believe. There are only like 9 tombs. They're all fine, but they're also all basically one room puzzles that can be finished in about 10 - 15 minutes if not less. And the story doesn't necessarily give you a ton of down time where you feel like you can go off exploring for a while, so it can feel a bit weird to be like "well I'm supposed to go rescue this person from imminent danger but there is a tomb over there and I might as well poke my head in..."

    Also the main story missions seem just as combat heavy as the first one was. Which is perhaps a bit too much.

    The story is fine. A bit rushed at the start perhaps, as they just kinda introduce all the elements as fast as possible then say "okay off you go."

    This game mostly has me thinking about how much I liked Uncharted 4. That game was pretty great...

  • ++++++++++

    I think Banner Saga 2 is very much like the first game including the part where there's probably too much combat.

    Also I had a weird bug or something in the import process and when I started this game it didn't align with the choice I'd made at the end of the previous game, and I couldn't find any way to fix it so I just went with it. This has me feeling less invested in the story/universe/choices than I was for the first game, even if I still think it has a cool aesthetic.

  • ++++++++++

    mysterious island?! weird cross dimensional portals!? ghosts?! teens?!

    it was neat

  • after years of hearing the gb crew talk about how much they liked bad company and/or wanted another bad company game I finally tried this game out, and oooooooooooooh boy it has not aged well from a gameplay perspective and didn't seem quite as wacky from a story perspective as I had been led to expect so I just decided not to play very much of it

  • ++++++++++

    damn charming

    though it did involve many puzzle types that I just am not very good at, anything that involves visualization of shapes or that sort of thing is a particular weakness so I just had to give up on solving some of the puzzles and turn to a guide

  • ++++++++++

    a darn solid, old school video game ass video game with charm

  • ++++++++++

    I overall like the game but I have quite a long list of issues with it, mostly regarding the combat:

    The machine enemies are often quite speedy and maneuverable and numerous and seem to all have some sort of "leap to close the distance real fast" type attack plus some sort of ranged attacks plus AOE attacks if you get close to them. If fighting more than one, which you are 99% of the time as there aren't really any one on one combat scenarios it seems almost all of the fights start off with half a dozen enemies of some sort, it can be hard to keep track of them all.

    I feel like my combat options really aren't well suited to the majority of combat encounters as I'm using bows and slingshots that are slow to reload and aim and I can go from full health to dead in a couple hits if I happen to be blindsided so I really find any combat with more than one machine kinda annoying, which again is 99% of the game. You can't seem to use the ability to reprogram enemies to fight for you once combat has started and I am extremely annoyed by that since it would be really useful!

    The human enemies are stupid. If you stealthily shoot an arrow in their head and if they don't die (which they might not sometimes because I dunno the main bow seems really weak?) then wait a minute and they'll go right back to what they were doing so you can shoot them in the head with another arrow.

    I also dislike that the health potions are on the same bar as a bunch of traps I don't use and when in combat I often end up scrolling through the whole thing trying to find a potion while also trying not to dodge and out of combat I'll often end up accidentally using a potion or something when I meant to whistle at an enemy to lure it over.

    It's kinda impossible to use the scanner on an enemy during combat to figure out it's various weak parts and what those are vulnerable to and also I just never really got a handle on how the vulnerability mechanics worked and mostly did a lot of cheesing enemies by hiding around rocks or stuff and taking pot shots at the glowy bits until it was dead.

    Also for crowd control purposes it would have been nice to be able to override the robot enemies during combat but no it didn't seem you could do that, unless you managed to hide in the middle of a frantic fight.

    Also why the hell does the long range bow not have a scope or something? You could only zoom in as far as you could with the normal bow. That's dumb!

  • my nephew still likes zombies and trying to beat me in one on one vs matches, which he has trouble doing, unless he forces me to use a sniper rifle then he'll kick my ass

  • ++++++++++

    more mario golf is fine by me

  • played at a dive bar in Washington with my drunk brother and very drunk brother in law while I was sober, I think as far as golf games go I'll take Mario Golf over this one

  • watching Steal My Sunshine inspired me to load up my save and I tried to get the pachinko shine which I had not done before, got all 8 red coins, failed while trying to get the actual shine, and turned off the game

  • ++++++++++

    This game is like they took Uncharted 4 and squished it so that you get a small taste of everything you want from Uncharted but in about a third less the time of Uncharted 4. This game could easily be finished in one long afternoon/evening without even rushing through it that much.

    There's none of that long (and some would say dull though I liked it) build up before the action starts like in 4 but also the highs have not been quite as high for me.

    The one area it actually improves over 4 is I think some of the puzzles are actually pretty good. I mean they aren't mind blowing but they are better than I seem to remember them being in previous Uncharted games, where I felt puzzles were not really interesting and only are there because of course you have to have a puzzle it's a treasure hunt! One series of puzzles in particular that I liked actually reminded me a lot of Lara Croft Go. A mobile puzzle game based off a series that is certainly one of the inspirations for Uncharted. I dunno that just seems odd.

    The story is solid. I happened to read a book that involved some Hindu mythology right before I started this so I was pleasantly surprised to find this game is using that as the basis for the Macguffin this time round and I'm familiar with some of what they're talking about. The dynamic between Chloe and Nadine is fun though not surprising as it plays out basically exactly like you'd expect. The bad guy is fairly intimidating and I want to kick his ass and steal his loot so he's a pretty effective villain.

    The game looks gorgeous. Runs well. Feels like you'd expect. The animation is as good as always. It is pretty much exactly what I thought it would be. The story was better than Rise of the Tomb Raider's but that game might have the edge in most other ways.

  • ++++++++++

    A first person dungeon crawler type game, only the combat is this cool "use the stylus kinda fruit ninja style to hack and slash and parry against some enemies that seem to be out of the skyward sword mold" sort of thing. And I (somewhat surprisingly) rather adore this game.

    The combat takes place in real time. You are stationary during combat, for the most part the only thing you control is what enemy you're looking at and your slashing, which you use to attack and parry enemy attacks. You can only look at one enemy at a time, but there are indicators on screen which easily tell you when each enemy you are up against is getting ready to attack so you can quickly and easily see "oh shit I need to look over there now" plus enemies have distinct attack patterns or behaviors so if you know the individual enemy types you're facing well enough you can pretty quickly develop your strategy to best deal with whatever combinations the game throws at you.

    It actually reminds me of Doom in the way that the enemies are fairly distinct so they are easily able to keep combat fresh by mixing and matching the various enemy types they throw at you, and I find the combat itself is just rather fun and manages to be challenging while always feeling quite achievable, which is a thing I don't feel many games pull off as well as I'd like, and thus winning a particularly tough fight feels quite satisfying. (Spelunky was another one that did this and I fucking love Spelunky)

    The "penalty" for death in Severed is also not at all bad and actually can be kinda helpful as you just spawn back super quick with full health (even if you had been wounded before you got into the fight) right next to where you died so you can jump right back into the fight you failed (in this way that reminds me of Super Meat Boy, another hard game that pulled off the good mix of feeling achievable and being quite satisfying).

    The dungeon crawling aspect of the game has been extremely limited, as it's mostly rather linear with a few hidden secrets, some of which require some light puzzle solving and/or some backtracking (probably the only real issue I have is there does not seem to be any way to backtrack other than to literally walk aaaaaaaall the way back to something that you passed up because you were previously unable to solve it, and going back to some of the stuff you have to pass up could be sort of annoying if they don't address that somehow?).

    The aesthetic is also cool and there's a story that's simple and minimal, but the various story beats have thus far been emotionally compelling and the tone the game gives off is cool.

    I'm really fucking digging this game, even though it's quite unlike anything I would typically play, so I'm very glad I gave it a shot.

    My enthusiasm for the combat waned a tiny bit towards the endgame, I may have just had too many encounters with the basic enemies and there are some things the game uses to make enemies tougher that I found annoying, but then it gives you an ability that lets you turn that around and use it against them which made things fun again. Also I got kinda bored when I was trying to backtrack through previous areas to find secrets, so I just went ahead and beat the game. Having said that I still thoroughly enjoyed this game and think it's very much worth checking out.

  • ++++++++++

    as someone who'd never played any of the first Destiny or its expansions or really much of any game that it is emulating I actually found myself rather confused by everything about it, particularly once I got past the introductory sort of segment where I reached the farm and the MMO sort of aspect opened up

    thankfully at that time someone jumped online and joined me and was able to tell me about some of the stuff that confused me and also play through a big chunk of the campaign with me and it was a lot of fun

  • ++++++++++

    Hi, [FRIEND NAME HERE], you have to check out this game. It's the most innovative shooter I've played in years.

    honestly the game was exactly what I though it was gonna be in a kind of sadly underwhelming way, but still very good and unique but unfortunately not as mind blowing as maybe it could have been in different circumstances

  • ++++++++++

    I don't know what the fuck was going on in the game but it was a pretty alright puzzle platformer type thing just like Limbo was. Limbo was harder from what I recall. Also I think Limbo has a more striking look.

    But the ending of inside was fuuuuuuuuuucking weird. No clue what it was supposed to mean.

  • It doesn't run fantastically and didn't exactly have an abundance of options to mess with. I didn't even see an in game option to turn the volume down and it was loud as fuck so I had to alt tab out to turn it down, a minor annoyance but seriously how does a game not even have a fucking volume option?

    As far as the game goes it's very much a Antichamber type first person sorta abstract puzzle solving thing, only lighter on puzzle solving and heavier on the platforming which I am finding it quite annoying as this game is no Metroid Prime. Doesn't help that I really do hate wasd controls. I just do not have the finger dexterity to hold shift to run while also holding w and occasionally a/d to turn or space to jump as needed and also clicking the mouse button rhythmically to breathe so I can keep running while chasing some light ball down up a winding and narrowing staircase.

  • ++++++++++

    As I was playing I kept thinking "I feel oddly fragile" and didn't know quite why that was the case until I read a thread on the forums here that pointed out that the game is bad at communicating that you're being shot and just how much damage it's doing as you're being shot, so I guess that's why all deaths sort of feel like they came out of nowhere and thus I feel rather fragile.

    Also it doesn't help that your health is only half of what it's supposed to be for quite a while. And stealth feels less viable than I'd like, the enemies seem to spot you easier and there seem to be less vents or stuff mixed in to the level design for you to hide in. But shooting people with dual shotguns is fun and makes you feel kinda bad ass, until you look at your health and realize you're about to die and then imagine what feared Nazi killer BJ must look like to the enemy as he suddenly stops shooting and turns around to desperately look for some body armor and maybe a bagel to eat so he doesn't die.

    I figured out using manual saves rather than autosaves was a really, really good idea which made things much less frustrating at times, but while this game is pretty damn cool my problem with it can basically be summed up in one sequence that happened to me while playing:

    So from an elevated position I dual wield a kick ass machine gun and a grenade launcher to demolish a really big nazi mech and seem to clear out the street below without really any issue and it's great and I feel like a bad ass and hop down to the street with basically full health and armor. But one enemy is still alive apparently and starts shooting at me, I can't tell from where so I spin to my right to look for him but apparently the enemy was to my left and by the time my view swings around 270 degrees to his location all my health and armor are gone and I'm dead and it just feels very anticlimactic.

    The story is wacky though and I really am curious to see where it goes.

  • ++++++++++

    just as pleasant a puzzler as the first, and perhaps a bit more challenging in a good way

  • I'm at the point where I think I might enjoy this game more if I just play the mode that makes it so characters don't permanently die. At the very least I would be a lot more motivated to play those same battles over and over trying to keep all the characters alive if I actually found the characters enjoyable and the story interesting enough that I wanted to see what happens next. With Conquest I just feel it's kind of tedious to get pretty far into a fight, make one mistake, watch a character die, and then go welp guess I gotta start over because I can't let that character die for... some reason.

  • 2018


    nephew and I killed satan together and it was a good time

  • tried this out with my nephew, he generally likes driving and shooting in games so I'm surprised it didn't seem to be more of a hit

  • I tried this out with my nephew and was surprised to see that he became quite fond of this puzzle platformer

  • //////////////

    picross is alright

  • ++++++++++

    more neat puzzles, though perhaps a few too many that required me to find some obscure thing to click on rather than to actually figure out what I need to do

  • ++++++++++

    this game kinda seems sort of similar to Breath of the Wild to me, in that they took a long running and well established franchise and tweaked and modernized it to some extent. For zelda they dropped the large dungeons for lots of smaller puzzle shrines and an open world chock full of stuff to do or find, and similarly mario dropped the more substantial crafted individual gameplay experiences and now the individual kingdoms are more open and stuffed full of moons to find. Most of those moons aren't particularly hard or interesting to find on their own, so just like with BotW lacking much that compares to old fashioned proper dungeons I do find myself occasionally missing those bigger and more crafted levels you'd get in a 64 or galaxy or even 3d land/world where each star/shine/whatever you collected had a distinct and fairly sizeable level often built on rather unique gameplay ideas. But Odyssey is damn good and fun and there are plenty of cool ideas sprinkled throughout, they just come in more bite sized gameplay segments

  • //////////////

    this is a real fun and neat co-op game that I would be quite happy to play more of at some point

  • //////////////

    this is more of an ok co-op game that I would be a bit more indifferent to playing more of at some point, but certainly not against the idea

  • ++++++++++

    I was able to beat this on the tutorial run on normal with the first squad. Didn't really come close to failing until that last mission, and even then not that close.

    I'm not sure if I'll stick with it as long as I did with FTL because I like my roguelike like's to be the extremely short kind you can finish in an hour or less like Spelunky and FTL. The longer play length is the reason I only played Invisible Inc once and finished it, but I liked this game enough that I want to try to at least play it some more with other squads and on harder difficulty to see how that goes.


    I think my initial impressions were definitely a little skeptical but I wound up putting more hours into this than I did initially with FTL as I enjoyed giving it a go with each of the various squads I was able to unlock, pretty much every part of this game is basically perfect, yet at the same time I do think I enjoy ftl slightly more despite its flaws, but this game is quite great

  • ++++++++++

    I spent a day playing a bunch of cuphead then when I needed a break rewatching the gbeast videos where they play cuphead.

    I think.... that I might really like this game.

    But Cuphead is like Super Meat Boy and SpaceChem in that I love it despite the fact I am very terrible at it. I kinda wish I could play it on easy to make progress, as that would also let me play co-op with my nephew which I think would be real fun

  • ++++++++++

    this game was neat. the actual sport was probably weakest part, maybe there were just a few too many matches, and the strategy and challenge of it really didn't get going until later matches as it seemed you could breeze through the early ones without much trouble just by picking up the ball and running towards the goal, but once the opponents became tougher and I started experimenting with strategies and the different teammates I got into it.

    The story was very interesting. The characters were interesting and I genuinely wanted to see what happened to them, and same goes for the world itself.

  • ++++++++++

    quirky single player game built around very basic mario golf like mechanics, I'm liking it as an occasional short and charming distraction

  • //////////////

    this game is great, however I do wish it didn't require quite as many stars as it does to progress as me and my friends lost interest in grinding out stars at the end and will probably never finish it

  • //////////////

    this game is fun and addictive as hell up until the endgame which seems to be too much of a hassle for me to actually want to finish it

  • ++++++++++

    a charming little co-op game that reminds me a bit of a simplified version of magicka

    I enjoyed it all the way through but it's a bit disappointing that you can't switch characters without starting the game all the way from the beginning again

  • ++++++++++

    I didn't really enjoy the gameplay of figure out what thing I needed to use this other thing on but the story was alright

  • 2019

    it seems really interesting and novel and I really want to like it but yet I still can't make myself actually play this game

  • +2+2+2+2+2+

    started off 2019 by playing a bunch of ftl and rewatching patrick's spelunky and binding of isaac streams, guess I felt like reliving that part of 2014 for some reason

    turns out that hey this game is still amazing and that part of 2014 was pretty fun too

  • ++++++++++

    finished off this game, I liked it better than the first one

    the first game bothered me because it felt like you couldn't really make up a very good strategy for any mission until you'd already played it to find all the surprises they throw at you, and you figured out "ok I need to have an engineer over here for when the tanks show up and a scout to run up over here to take that enemy camp and a sniper over here to take out this one guy who can kill my scout blah blah blah" so on and so forth, but this one seemed better to me at throwing you surprises that didn't ruin your plan and force a restart but instead always seemed to be something you could handle on the fly, which is a large reason why I found it more satisfying

    I also liked the story and characters a bit more than the first one, which kinda irritated me with some of its tonal shifts and one note characters

  • the loot grind compulsion is real and grabbed me for a little bit there

    the actual gameplay proved too simple and the game wasn't challenging enough to maintain interest as for some reason it won't let you play on the higher difficulties until you've finished the chapters once, but hey that loot

    I bought this thinking it might be a solid co-op game but that didn't go well, I think my friend even fell asleep while playing at one point which is kinda funny, his character just kept walking into a corner

    I could try this with my nephew at some point but I imagine it will go about the same

  • ++++++++++

    a rather difficult platformer that I am surprised I was able to finish, but I managed it and I'm glad I did

  • ++++++++++

    I mostly played this as a relaxing game to play after work, which I particularly need as I started a new job

  • ++++++++++

    this game was alright

    I guess I don't really have much more to say about it because it kinda is exactly what you'd expect, some enjoyable enough light strategy combat mixed with some "I guess there has to be something to break up the combat and they could have done worse" style puzzles in between.

    I think I was a bit higher on it before the final boss fight proved to be kind of a frustrating pain in the ass

  • this game seems harder than the first couple in a way that caused me to bounce right the fuck off of it pretty much right at the start

  • ++++++++++

    after getting laid off from my new job I decided it would be a pretty good time to binge on some games and I decided to start by first dipping my tow in the water with a short 2D game in the vein of a Journey or Abzu with perhaps a bit more traditional video gamey puzzle solving. Very pretty and pleasant.

  • ++++++++++

    Hollow Knight really had a hold on me at the start and then reeeeeeeeally lost me towards the end but I eventually pushed myself to finish it. I wouldn't say it did anything particularly bad to cause that swing, I guess there was one boss fight against the watcher knights (which only have 3 really simple attacks but are trouble because they show up in pairs and the combat arena is too big to see them both on screen at all times) that really was the speed bump in the road. It wasn't a bad fight, it just wore me out I suppose. I am not sure I would have even beat it if I didn't stumble upon a trick from the internet that made it so I only had to defeat 5 instead of 6 of them. After that fight all the wind went out of my sails. I put this game aside for months til I finally and somewhat begrudgingly went to pick it up and finish it off

  • since it came out on switch I've been replaying through this co-op with a friend

  • ++++++++++

    Do you like deckbuilding card games? How about roguelike (or roguelight?) randomized run based games? If you said yes to both questions then stay away from Slay the Spire because if not you too might find yourself playing it at any opportunity for weeks on end.

  • ++++++++++

    a relatively short modern take on a snes style rpg, I found myself growing a little tired of it towards the end thanks to a couple difficulty spikes and because I played it for twice as long as the estimated time to finish is supposed to take. The story could best be described as cheeky, with some nods to classics as obvious as Chrono Trigger and as surprising as Resident Evil 2

  • ++++++++++

    I bought this on Switch in an effort to finally play more of this game. And play more of it I did.

    Every so often I hear/tell on the internet that a game has come along and outdone zelda and as a big fan of zelda games I am always very intrigued by these claims, but as yet none of the ones I've tried has lived up to that level of praise for me

    Okami is not the Zelda killer that some people said it was when it released, but it's certainly praise worthy for many reasons

    it's combat started off promising but then lost me almost immediately which may have been my own fault as rather than find neat ways to use the cool brush powers I felt like mostly I just mashed the attack button till everything died. But the game certainly didn't do much to stop me from utilizing that general tactic.

    Then the entire endgame was a boss rush of all the bosses you fought before, which you then proceeded to kill in exactly the same way you did before. That was tedious if you ask me. There's one boss in the game you have to fight 3 times! Why?! It feels like padding.

    And as for the dungeons, they didn't have the fun puzzles I want from a Zelda game.

    having said all that it's still rather gorgeous, and charming, and unique, and I'm glad I finally played it through to the end

  • ++++++++++

    I finished one of the campaigns for Fire Emblem and in my opinion this was a pretty good Fire Emblem game. Path of Radiance remains my favorite. But this could have been a close call if not for one or two things.

    I liked the divine pulse feature. I enjoyed what they did with the classroom stuff for skill upgrades and how customizable the classes were (though I was disappointed they didn't go all the way with it so I couldn't make a bad ass flying mage hopefully next time plz nintendo).

    On hard the difficulty curve was a bit wonky, I felt a bit overpowered for a while then ran into a big difficulty spike where it felt like all my characters other than 2 were useless or at the most extreme glass cannons. Playing casual kept me from having to repeat a significant chunk of the game and play a bunch of boring side missions just to level up characters so I'm glad I played that mode even if I mostly didn't need to thanks to the divine pulse. Overall I enjoyed it.

    Story wise the characters and main story were all fun and a vast improvement over Conquest, ultimately that's why I've still yet to finish that game. But it did feel like they tacked on a couple unnecessary missions to the story. I played the Black Eagles/Church path, and might have liked it more if it had just concluded with the end of the war. Or maybe after the next mission because that map was cool. But the last level with the boss fight was not particularly challenging or interesting. And story wise I just didn't need it.

    There were also some loose ends. For instance they never explicitly show who the Death Knight was or if he died. He just kind of disappears from the narrative. And it would have been more impactful if you'd actually interacted more with the characters you were fighting against in the second half. Instead they just dredge up a new crop of characters for the most part, and the few that you did interact with seem so different personality wise that it loses some of the impact, as they become cartoonishly evil in the way that put me off of Conquest.

    I did miss having a steady flow of new characters to interact with. I guess the developers felt like you wouldn't need a steady flow of characters to replace dead ones, thanks to divine pulse and casual mode. Both of which I did use. But it would have been nice to mix things up a little.

    But my biggest gripe is having to play the entire game from the start to see the new missions from the other houses perspectives. Maybe I'll do that someday, on normal/casual most likely.

  • ++++++++++

    I started the gb version at least a few times over the years but never made it all that far so I was delighted to see such a cute modern remake and after finishing it I can certainly see why some consider it very high up on the zelda tier list, it does some weird and interesting things for a zelda game

    and looks so good even my brother stopped when he saw it and said he liked the look of it

  • 2020


    for the first 9 months of the year the only this was the only game I played and after the new character was added on switch I've now put about 400 hours into this game that's almost certainly the most of any game I've ever played someone please help

  • ++++++++++

    finally in october after months of sporadic yet also somewhat obsessive slay the spire-ing I fired up this charming little modern made retro snes style rpg

    it didn't do anything particularly flashy or exciting or unique, but was rather soothing as it seems that snes style rpgs massage my brain in a way that no other game genre is able to do in quite the same way

    it's like a warm blanket. Or comfort food.

    really the best way to describe how it feels is it makes me wish I could take this game back in time to grade school and then have a sick day or snow day and just stay home playing it all day long, which is somewhat odd because the N64 was really more the childhood console of choice for me than the snes was

    doubly strange because rpg's were not really something I was particularly interested in back then, the only rpg I played much of as a kid was pokemon blue and secret of mana which is more of an action rpg that also has multiplayer so I was able to play with my brother(s)

  • ++++++++++

    dk dlc

    short and sweet with some fun new gameplay tricks up its sleeve as donkey kong's rather fun ability to swing across the map and carry and throw friends or enemies and more allowed some rather satisfying and fun tactical maneuvering

  • ++++++++++

    I'm hoping to finally put some time into this game but loading times are garbage on my laptop and I might need a second game to play while I wait the many minutes it takes for me to actually be able to do something

    now that I'm actually playing it hey this game is pretty great

    it's a fucking beefy pc ass pc game which I can't remember the last time I really threw myself into one of those (dragon age most likely) and it's got its hooks in me deep

  • ++++++++++

    I bought this to play while I'm waiting for battletech to load and it's perfect for that

    this might be the best pure puzzle game I have played I rather love it

    I managed to solve the "final" puzzle and see credits but there are still so so many wonderful puzzles left to break my brain in the best possible way

    I adore this game

  • ++++++++++

    I actually found this game a bit unsatisfying, but in a weird way

    the problem is I was enjoying it so much and I thought I was at maybe only the halfway point when all of a sudden credits rolled and I was not prepared to be done playing

    the short length felt rather disappointing and I wish there were more of it

  • ++++++++++

    I really would be hard pressed to describe what this game is in any way that made sense if I were asked to do so, I'd probably sum it up as being something along the lines of a sliding block puzzles but much weirder and more abstract, but it was certainly a solid thing to poke at sporadically over the course of an afternoon while I also kept my eye on my almost 2 year old niece

  • since playing board games in person is not really a thing you probably should do right now if you're trying to be responsible and all that I figured hey let's try this thing out it seems neat and hey indeed this thing is neat

    hopefully I can get a semi regular game night thing going with some peoples

  • battletech started making my laptop run so damn slow that I decided fuck it I'm gonna build a computer so I did

    then I bought this as a fancy sorta new game to test on my new computer and hey it looks and runs pretty great in my opinion

    also it's a pretty cool game on top of that

  • ++++++++++

    got game pass and this is on it hell yeah let's go

  • tried co op with the nephew and I dig this game

  • ++++++++++

    welp I was able to get a victory in star renegades on my first run. I expected the game to be quite a bit tougher, even maybe unfair in the way ftl's final boss kinda is, but I made it through without much trouble.

    Rpg combat x roguelite format is a neat idea and I would recommend checking it out. My biggest complaint about the game is that there wasn't much to do other than combat but the combat was pretty darn good, it felt rather strategic and satisfying to puzzle out a good set of moves.

    I don't think I'm gonna play it a second time anytime soon, that's another problem with relatively long ass roguelite games is I don't feel the need to give it another go. See Invisible Inc.