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  • ************

    it was fun as a co-op hangout sort of game but everything else about the game seemed pretty forgettable

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    finally got to play this game co-op with my nephew after helping him build a nice little starter pc and hey it's fun as hell

  • ************

    this is a neat game, tho not one I particularly like.

    I appreciate it more conceptually than in practice, as actually playing this game was not something I actually wanted to keep doing. Even as short as it was at 5 hours, I kinda still was like "ok I'm good" at around hour 3 and was ready for the game to be over. I kept going only because it was so short and I wanted to get it over with to fully cross it off the to do list.

    In concept, the way the game's mechanics and story both mesh with the message the game is trying to get across is rather commendable. But the message the game is trying to get across is that sometimes communication can be difficult or messy or frustrating and while it's neat that they managed to get it to come across so well in the mechanics of the game that doesn't mean I like the mechanics, because hey guess what they are intentionally difficult and messy and frustrating and all too often annoying.

    The story wasn't really much of a draw, it really was more focused on interactions with various oddball character, but again the difficulty of the communication mechanic meant that those interactions were disjointed because of how often a good/interesting interaction hinged on if you drew a useful or shitty card, and the bad interactions weren't interesting. So on the flip of a card characters shifted from friendly/interesting/helpful to more along the lines of "oh I guess you don't want this interesting information/useful item well ok you can just fuck off I guess see you next time or not who cares" which when that happened kinda made me just not care about the characters.

    I probably would have been more appreciative of it if I didn't play it myself as playing it just didn't do anything for me except make me not want to play it.

    The best thing about this game is the dog. The dog was wonderful. Interacting with the dog was the only time I actually enjoyed playing the game and having the dog provide a mechanical benefit of taking away some of the fatigue cards that added to your deck was extremely vital. Seriously without the dog I probably wouldn't have bothered getting through the entire game.

  • after sojourner I decided to continue to check out games from the itchio bundle and this one caught my eye and it seems real neat and interesting

  • pretty good co-op hang out game but maybe seems a bit repetitive and also that lots of options are locked off until you get very deep in

  • +2+2+2+2+

  • managed to get my nephew to try playing this game co-op and you know what? early on I actually quite enjoy playing this game, maaaaaybe even more than I enjoyed playing any of the previous wolfenstein games I've played solo

  • gave this a shot on game pass, it's good but I would like it a whole lot more if it had more options so you could come up with some cool plans and/or freestyle a bit more like the recent hitman games. Or if again there was some more stuff along the lines of the different targets specific leads that lead to fun/wacky kills like hitman games have. There are in some cases something like that but I would either want more, or have them lead to bigger/grander and thus more satisfying payoffs. Because a combo realtime with pause option tactical hitman style game sounds potentially amazing. This game is walking in that direction but is far too simple/limited to get that result. Most of the time it feels just like you're doing the same stuff over and over again. Throw a coin. Shoot fro a distance. Sneak up behind a guy. Distract a guard with feminine charms. Find the one weak point and exploit it and then do it all again. So more options or more satisfying payoffs would really kick this up a notch.

  • ************

    I need to dig

    ok so after many many years I finally got bit by the minecraft bug as my nephew wanted to play this game with me now that we both have new pcs. And hey turns out this game is really fun! Who knew?

  • ************

    I'm liking the game quite a bit and feeling that compulsion to see it through, but I do feel like the oxygen limits and inventory limits (not to mention the separate hunger and thirst timers) are a bit too strict which can make exploring kind of annoying and/or tedious at times. Exploring an alien water planet would be really cool if I didn't have some limit keeping me from doing something I wanted to do pretty much at all times, and every option I could use to get around whatever is limiting me has its own annoyances and limitations which makes it feel just a bit too much of a hassle.

    Things that I would want, and if any of like 2 of these things were different everything would be so much better:

    If resources weren't quite so scarce/hard to find. Particularly salt.

    If you could stack items like food or resources in the inventory a tiny bit so your inventory didn't clog up immediately with food/water/titanium, or I could pack up an air pump with a bunch of pipe

    if food didn't spoil basically five minutes after you cook it without salt (and even with salt it still starts to spoil after maybe 20 minutes)

    if I could say, combine some equipment like saye a rebreather mask for oxygen efficiency in deeper water and radiation mask into one thing. I'm carrying the rebreather mask around but can't ever seem to even use it because of the radiation everywhere means the second I switch to it my health starts to drain

    if how or why you something was/was not working were a bit more clear. I built a scanner room, but how does it work? fuck if I know. Or I wanted to build an aquarium but I couldn't seem to put it anywhere, and why not? fuck if I know.

    Basically if/where I can put or or how I can use something shouldn't be this much of a guessing game, make that shit clearer please

    Fortunately the early annoyances do get easier to deal with later on and the game definitely goes some place unexpected. Really cool game overall.

  • time to give this a shot. why? because I applied for a job that involves robots and I am playing this for "research" and hey it might have worked I did get the job.

    this game feels very much like a ps2 era game in spirit. I kinda get the feeling it's the ps2 game someone wished they could have made. You don't see many third person platformer/shooters with lock on targetting these days. But there's a reason some of this stuff has fallen out of fashion. For example it also does a thing that was more frequently done in the ps2 era where right before the end all of a sudden you are required to go collect a bunch of shit before you can finish the game.

    Combat can be annoying if you're up against multiple enemies, as you don't move very fast and it's hard to keep track of all of them.

    Also up to this point so far the story really hasn't felt like a story so much as a prologue to what should be now turning into a story and knowing what I know that....... isn't what happens.

    But overall, it's alright.

    update ok I've gotten very sick of the combat so lucky me the game decides that in the last tower you're going to have to deal with several extremely long combat sequences, each of which takes place on a very tiny arena some of which you can fall off of to your death, filled with enemies who can pretty much one shot you or stun lock you to death if you happen to get hit, and if you die you have to start all the way from the beginning of the fight. Oh and sometimes they add "fun" new twists like poison that constantly ticks away at your health the entire time.

    I am now at the point where if I weren't so close to the end I'd stop, because I don't want to do this anymore. It's not like this game has a reputation for having a great ending anyway. Sounds more like I should expect more along the lines of an "ending" in sarcasm quotes. But I'm so close so I might as well suck it up and finish it off.

    Beat the story and apparently the definitive edition includes some more story stuff after the end of the original game, but you know what, nah I'm good. Thanks anyway.