Shit I want to play (for personal reference).

Perhaps one could call this a wish list, if one were so inclined. They are listed roughly in order of how badly I want to play the game(s). And since I already have a wishlist on my Steam account this list is mostly console focused.


Wait a second. Why the fuck are you reading this? Don't you have something better to do?

if answer = yes: Yes? Then go fucking do it! Quit being lazy! Do what I say and not what I do!

if answer = no: No? Well then, might I suggest taking a good, long look at your life and how it got the point where you have nothing better to do at this moment than read an anonymous stranger's video game wish list as an alternative? Or if not, then perhaps masturbation? Either option is fine and would be a far less wasteful use of your time.

If you insist on reading on, then go ahead and play this:

and read on.

List items