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Been a while

Its been a while since I've logged on so sorry if I didn't respond to your message . So with that said.  Whats new guys?


Its my Birthday

So yeah, its my birthday..I am turning 20 today and in a lot of ways its kinda weird. When I was like 14 and such I used to think that people who were 20, 21 were old as hell and somehow I when I got to that age I would be very different. However, that is not the case, I am the same lazy ass I was at 14 lol...nothing much seems to have changed. On a more personal note, I would just like to say that 20 is the most useless age in cant do the stuff you can do at 21 and the only real difference between 19 and 20 is that you are not a teen anymore. So in reality the only thing that happens at 20 is you get to enjoy your last few years of being able to do whatever the hell you want before being pushed out to face the realities of the and shit like that :( 

So yeah thats my 2 cents on this subject


Farcry 2 impressions

First off..hello again guys, I know I have been away for a longg ass time but I have been busy as hell. I am here to talk about farcry2. I know the game has been out for sometime now but I just got it a few days backs and it is a game that manages to amaze you and piss you the fuck off at the same time. *Start pissed off rant* Without beating around the bush let me just get to the point; the game is very ambitious and for the most part it is very good but in certain aspects this game is ridiculously annoying.  My chief gripe is everyone in the game is out to get you...I mean every single fucking person out in the world shoots at you. Couple this with the fact that you have drive around fucking forever to get around makes this one goddamn annoying aspect. I know I am cussing a lot but that is because this aspect completely fucks up the game and takes away sooooo much away from it. If it weren't for this shitty ass gameplay design this game would be a solid AAAA tittle. Let me explain this more...the game is 50km^2 which is hugeee....pretty much all your missions involve you driving around the map and this is when the annoying aspects get to you. You have to drive around fucking forever and use a map at the same time to navigate...what makes this even worse is the fact that appartently you are like fucking Osama Bin Laden or something cause people will go out of their way to come and kill you. What makes this completely unrealistic is that the fact that there are about a billion other foerign mercenaries there but nooo....everyone always fucking comes for you.
Another goddamn ridicolous aspect are the glitches...I have uncovered an amazing that is a game ender. Apparently I cant even do any more of the main quest because of some shitty bug. While I was driving around trying to fix this bug..wait for it.....I was fucking ambushed by like 20 people...out of was fucking ridicolous. What makes this even worse is that fact that this bug has been out for some time and UBI knows about it yet it hasn't done jack shit to fix it. FUCK!!!! This was a good effort on the part of UBISOFT but the shitty level design and game crppling bug has made this one steaming pile of shit...*whew*

p.s. There are about 10 other shitty aspects but I am not gonna go into that now....maybe I will do a part 2 with all that


ay ay ay!!!!!!!!!!!!

So have you ever wondered what it feels like to get your heart broken.... to be disappointed over and over again ..well you should become a cubs fan because they deliver on that .
To the ppl who are wondering what the fuck is going on,  the Chicago Cubs got swept in the FIRST fucking round, just like last season and this was not supposed to happen. Also, it will be 101 years since these bunch of idiots have won the world series. I am sooo disappointed/pissed off now that I cant even really express myself, so instead, I think this picture pretty much sums up how I and another 10 million cubs fans nation wide....that big ass bottle of vodka is looking real good now!!

What it feels like to be cubs fan.....
What it feels like to be cubs fan.....

Have a request for you all

Hey guys, so you guys are probably like wtf, another blog this soon but I have a favor to ask you.This dude named Shawn started an NFL prediction thread that is located over here and we would like it if more people would join. The thread already has about 21 people and we recently changed the rankings system so as to better help the new comers be more competitive. We have big plans for that thread, if more people join that is and yeah...if you are interested in joining, either leave a comment on this blog or PM Shawn who is the head cheese. Also, just so you guys know, it is a pretty simple concept. You just predict the winners every week and you dont even have to predict the scores on the games, so yeah. It is pretty simple stuff. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Also, its free :) and we have free cookies there...yumm!!


Force Unleashed Impressions so far...

Well its been a while since I wrote a blog and to be honest with you guys I really didn't plan on writing one about this game but here I am....Anyway I am about 5 hours through Force unleashed...which is a like 60% of the game I believe. Anyway so far this game has been nothing short of unspectacular...It is kinda like Too human except with better graphics and a somewhat better gameplay. I dont want to rant on and on so lemme just put forth some of the highlights and the not so good parts..which are unfortunately numerous.

+ The game's story is good and I have an Idea where it will go and it is easily the highlight of the game
+ The force powers when powered up are absolutely amazing
+ The Voice acting is solid, especially for the main character
+ Environements look solid and are "fully" destructable...objects bend very nicely, especially metal
+ The boss fights are bad-ass...the "real time" endings/moves  are cool

- The game's camera makes Too human's look saintlike...seriously, if people can't make the camera system fucking work in a 3rd person action game then DONT DO IT. During certain instances the Camera gets stuck behind like a rock which has fallen on the ground and I am sitting there holding the controller, mashing buttons like a monkey and hoping that something happens.  What happens more often than not is that I die

- This leads to my second bigger gripe about this game, I am playing on the "hardest:" difficulty they have and I am currently at a part where I have to kill like a billion enemies who all have powered armor and are resistant to my force know what that equals.. It equals wayyy tooo many deaths. I am not the person who usually complains about this because I am man enough to admit that I am not the best player. However, what really makes this ridiculously annoying is the fact that when every you die you have to do the whole fucking section allll over again. I mean I get to like the last part and die and this has happened like 5 times so far(not kidding) and I have to restart all the fucking way at the start. It is sooo annoying that it just makes me wanna do bad bad things to the entire design team that worked on this game

- Another thing is this game may look pretty and spectacular but it is not Assassins the sense that it is a pretty narrow, follow this path game. Although that is kinda disappointing it is no big deal. However, in the Raxis prime level there was a lott of jump here and jump there shit and I am not the greatest judge of where to jump and I ended up trying to jump here or there(They looked like perfectly legit places to jump) and I would fall and then I would have to restart the section all over again.

- There are also glitches in this fav. one so far has been one where I pulled off some sick combos and killed 2 Rancors who were attacking me and went to face the 3rd one. Along the way I killed quite a lot of enemies mind you... and then guess what character just froze. He just stood there while they pounded him to oblivion. Even more messed up is that the audio and the video is not in sync in some of the is kinda my pet peeve and I found it to be very discerning.

- Also how could I forget this are going to have one helluva time focusing on one enemy, this is tied in with the shitty camera system. Also, certain enemies will knock you down if you get too close like Rancor's and if you are a person who likes to get up close and personal you might as well put down the game right now because it is one of the enemies that will knock you down with its attack and apparently star killer is a wussy and takes like one hour to get up again...just in time for it to walk up to you and do it all over again. Not balanced at all....

- Controls are not responsive and that is one of the most annoying aspects, especially when you have like twenty enemies breathing down on you

- Also, let me throw in one last thing, the character models are not that great, Juno eclipse in particular looks messed up. I expected somewhat of a better graphics in that sense

I seem to be complaining a lot and it is not really my style to be hating on a game...hell I tried Too human for like two weeks but this game is pushing  me towards just yelling fuck you and tossing it out the window. This game is not for everyone is what I am trying to say and it looks like the boys at gamespot have gotten it right. I would give it a 3 stars out of five.Also let me remark that I havn't finished the game and maybe it will get better later on but for now it has been somewhat of a dissappoitment. THe only thing that keeps me going is the fact that the story is good and my force powers just rock


1st thousand points-8.5 days, 2nd thousand points-1.5 days

Yeah so I crossed the 1000 point mark yesterday at around mid-day, unfortunately I had to go to work so I didn't get to enjoy it a whole lot yesterday and today I had to go to summer school . So I came back at around 4'0 clock  and in a period of like 3 hours I have added a good 500 points worth of stuff. Live edits rock. So anyway, when do you predict you will get to the 1000 point mark? If you have crossed it what do you think you will have in a weeks time?
I predict that I will have about 3500 points..its getting harder to find stuff to edit and add but I am sure I can find something.

p.s. I am on page 2 the list of the top users and whatever


Throwing out some numbers..special one week edition

So i've been here one week and I thought I should just throw out some numbers

- 100 posts
-93 total subs
- 43 accepted
-15 rejected...most of them came after me waiting four f'in days and then someone else came in and made one..Fun
- Most time waiting on a sub- 5 days or 120 hours(I am still pending on that one), I think that is a little more than the goal of 24hrs the guys had
- 13 pages of images
- Most points gotten on a sub- 51 from Call of duty although I have high hopes for my pending subs on CCS Class battlecruiser and The Arbiter. I had high hopes for the ark page but someone else came in and posted..bummer but its good though.
Oh and I am on page4 in the top users list.. :)
- 56 every one of you guys..especially those who comment on my blog :)

so yeah how do you guys compare? Also, happy one week anniversary

p.s. I have made 3500 image moderations..hellz yeah


My first blog..mischief, mayhem and soap

So here we go, day three at and so far I have to say that I am very impressed with how everything is working out. Well, that might be a little over exaggeration, for starters I wish our submissions would get approved faster, but then again with 6 staff and twenty thousand submissions things might post a little challenge. For some reason i am filled with anticipation, I just want something to happen to those earliest submissions I posted which I believe are pushing the 50-hour mark. Anyways what I am most amazed at is the moderation or the lack thereof; having been a member of gamespot for almost five years has thought me to rethink every sentence I post and make sure that it is in no way possible offensive to anyone. I mean seriously, ever since Jeff.G. and most of the upper echelon staff left that site, everything has gone to hell. Anyway screw that site...its done with.
Moving on, I am also very excited to be a part of this brand new site and this brand new community that is teeming with thousands of users. We as some of the first users on this website can really be part of how this website evolves. I think when the staff made this site they made it with the ideals that it is a website for gamers by gamers. In that sense I find it to be superior to any other website I have been part of. This community, albeit a few days old is carving out its own identity, I am very proud to be part of that experience. I don’t think I've been this excited about a website in a long time. In fact while I was a member at gamespot it took me about 3 1/2 years to cross the 300 post count and it took me about 2 years to make a blog. However, I am already at 50 posts and I am making a blog on day 3, I think this more than anything speaks to how exciting this experience is for me. Anyways I am ranting too much. How do all you guys feel about this site? I am the only person who is this excited? Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts