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Farcry 2 impressions

First off..hello again guys, I know I have been away for a longg ass time but I have been busy as hell. I am here to talk about farcry2. I know the game has been out for sometime now but I just got it a few days backs and it is a game that manages to amaze you and piss you the fuck off at the same time. *Start pissed off rant* Without beating around the bush let me just get to the point; the game is very ambitious and for the most part it is very good but in certain aspects this game is ridiculously annoying.  My chief gripe is everyone in the game is out to get you...I mean every single fucking person out in the world shoots at you. Couple this with the fact that you have drive around fucking forever to get around makes this one goddamn annoying aspect. I know I am cussing a lot but that is because this aspect completely fucks up the game and takes away sooooo much away from it. If it weren't for this shitty ass gameplay design this game would be a solid AAAA tittle. Let me explain this more...the game is 50km^2 which is hugeee....pretty much all your missions involve you driving around the map and this is when the annoying aspects get to you. You have to drive around fucking forever and use a map at the same time to navigate...what makes this even worse is the fact that appartently you are like fucking Osama Bin Laden or something cause people will go out of their way to come and kill you. What makes this completely unrealistic is that the fact that there are about a billion other foerign mercenaries there but nooo....everyone always fucking comes for you.
Another goddamn ridicolous aspect are the glitches...I have uncovered an amazing that is a game ender. Apparently I cant even do any more of the main quest because of some shitty bug. While I was driving around trying to fix this bug..wait for it.....I was fucking ambushed by like 20 people...out of was fucking ridicolous. What makes this even worse is that fact that this bug has been out for some time and UBI knows about it yet it hasn't done jack shit to fix it. FUCK!!!! This was a good effort on the part of UBISOFT but the shitty level design and game crppling bug has made this one steaming pile of shit...*whew*

p.s. There are about 10 other shitty aspects but I am not gonna go into that now....maybe I will do a part 2 with all that