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Throwing out some numbers..special one week edition

So i've been here one week and I thought I should just throw out some numbers

- 100 posts
-93 total subs
- 43 accepted
-15 rejected...most of them came after me waiting four f'in days and then someone else came in and made one..Fun
- Most time waiting on a sub- 5 days or 120 hours(I am still pending on that one), I think that is a little more than the goal of 24hrs the guys had
- 13 pages of images
- Most points gotten on a sub- 51 from Call of duty although I have high hopes for my pending subs on CCS Class battlecruiser and The Arbiter. I had high hopes for the ark page but someone else came in and posted..bummer but its good though.
Oh and I am on page4 in the top users list.. :)
- 56 every one of you guys..especially those who comment on my blog :)

so yeah how do you guys compare? Also, happy one week anniversary

p.s. I have made 3500 image moderations..hellz yeah