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Sony, Microsoft, Fanboyism?

What's up with fanboys these days. It's O.K. to have a favorite console, god knows i love my PS3, but is it really worth the time and effort to flame someone over their console of choice? I think not. If it was possible, I believe all true gamers would love to have all consoles and be able to play all games. However, most people are restricted to time/money or they just don't care. Personally, Sony is my favorite but that doesn't mean I'm going to condemn every xbox lover to hell, no sir. I believe we need more console acceptance and to keep an open mind about who chooses what console and why. After all it's all about the games right? And besides most games are going multiplatform anyway.
Now that Sony is apathetic about their one time loyal console exclusives and microsoft snapping up big licenses it's only a matter of time before both consoles get each others games through timed exclusives or day and date releases. But hey that's just business. I don't blame Sony for losing out on the exclusives and I don't blame microsoft for buying them up and/or ensuring day and date releases with their sony counterparts. However, with this console generation comes a sort of arrogance I've found. When asked about what consoles they like most, people will tell you their choice and defend it with the fervor of a WOW player defending their addiction (seperate things entirely.) It's a shame because most people do it even before the other has attacked them about their personal preferaence in the first place. This kind of pre-emptive flaming is just wrong and only breeds more hatred for the console they skipped out on to get their favorite.

All I'm saying is that keep an open mind and to quit the flaming. Shouldn't gamers stick together anyway? I mean we get enough grief as it is playing video games that we don't need to tear down our less fortunate xbox brethren, (Joke i'm just kidding lol), I mean our fellow gamers  ; ).  I believe that we should all stick up for each other after all both consoles are  very capable games machines and play all the same games. It's a shame that such a division has arisen.

that being said if youd like to flame me, feel free to pm me haha.