Guys! I interviewed Darkest Dungeon's Lead Designer! (video)

This is the third episode of my TV show that I posted about a while ago. I'm really excited about the timing of this interview because this is the week everyone is finally getting their hands on Darkest Dungeon.

There was some great feedback about the last video with Nels Anderson, and I was able to modify the show to accommodate some of it. Let me know what you guys think!


I got a TV show! I interviewed Nels Anderson!

After years of YouTube obscurity, I can now look forward to years of television obscurity! From now on I'll be hosting a weekly talk show where I interview Canadian video game developers and generally have a great time. The show itself only airs in Canada, but every monday clips from the show will be posted to YouTube.

In the first episode I interviewed Nels Anderson aka the designer of Mark of the Ninja, and we mostly talked about his new game Firewatch.

It's not a whole lot like Giant Bomb's material, other than my attempt to make something of comparable quality. I'd love to hear what you guys think!


Tyler Sigman/Darkest Dungeon interview

My new interview with Darkest Dungeon co-creator Tyler Sigman just went up, and I dare say it's a hoot and a half. Some of you might remember Tyler from some guest articles he wrote for the Penny Arcade Report, including a post-mortem on his boardgame Crows. His new game is Darkest Dungeon which, funnily enough, also launched their kickstarter today. Why not give it a gander after you've watched this wonderful video?! Woof!

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Tom Fulp talks about the future of Newgrounds

The last interview I shot at PAX East was with Tom Fulp, the founder and CEO of Newgrounds and the co-founder of the Behemoth. This was by far the longest interview I shot, and easily the most exciting.

I'd met Tom the first time I went to PAX Prime in 2007. As I'm sure you can imagine, it was a few months after I'd turned 18 and graduated from high school, and I went on a mini-roadtrip with two of my friends. It was the first time I'd attended a convention of any kind, and I had the same emotions anyone probably has the first time they attend something like that (with one bonus: 2007 was the first year PAX was in the Washington State Convention Centre, and had what seems like 1/2 of the attendance PAX has these days -- lining up for panels was no problem). Tom was there with the behemoth booth showing off an early build of Castle Crashers.

I had a lengthy conversation with Tom that seemed like it went on for at least an hour. He's a huge hero of mine and I was quite starstruck, but he was gracious and the conversation was genuinely fascinating. I can only imagine how awkward I came across...but his kindness is a major contributor to my current trajectory.

Soon after PAX I went to school to study web design, then web development, and then film. I started a small gaming site and found myself at PAX East much more confident and with much more to contribute to the conversation this time.

After this interview Tom and I started talking again. This time the conversation went on for 3 hours...he really is the nicest guy ever.


New interviews with Scott Kester and Garth DeAngelis

Two more of the interviews from PAX East: Scott Kester from Borderlands 2 and Garth DeAngelis from XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

I'll say that of the big publishers at the show, 2k was easily the most accommodating. We're about as small as a gaming website can possibly be and they could have rightfully blown us off entirely, but they were incredibly nice and gave us the rockstar treatment, letting us play the demos for Borderlands 2 and Spec Ops: The Line (an interview that isn't up yet) and see the XCOM:EU presentation. As I'm sure you guys can imagine, those opportunities are a huge milestone for my career. I hope that doesn't sound weird...

I have more interviews on the way. Thanks for watching, and for the support.


My interview with Kim Swift (Quantum Conundrum, Portal)

I'm at PAX East shootin' 'views with as many cool people as I can find. The big goal for this weekend is to try and get these interviews up before the show is even over. So far so....okay...

This is the first interview I shot yesterday with Kim Swift, and it's taken me hours and hours to compress/upload it from my laptop. I'm hoping to have my other friday interviews up and atom by the end of the day.


I Interviewed Jeff Gerstmann, Patrick Klepek, and Greg Kasavin

And more! These were shot at PAX Prime in 2011 for my site

I've been going to PAX since 2007 (when I was 18) dreaming of someday wearing a press badge. I think anyone who's a fan of this site holds a serious respect for games journalism, and even if we don't really intend on being journalists ourselves we think it would be cool to work for a site and go to events and have the opportunity to really discuss games seriously. Well, last January I started working to build my own video game site Arcademia (a combination of the words "arcade" and "academia"), heavily inspired by Extra Credits, to be "Gamasutra for consumers."

I have a looooooot of work left to do, but it's made much easier considering I was able, in just under 7 months, to become notable enough to get press passes to PAX, and once I was there all my heroes (the whole reason I wanted to be there in the first place) were gracious enough to let me interview them.

I am so fucking psyched for 2012. There's a chance that I might be able to go to E3!


Long Past Gone

Been a while since I posted anything here...or anywhere. Honestly I don't know what I should be talking about...I haven't really done anything that's super relevant to the GiantBomb community yet (though I intend to!). The entire idea behind this account is that I want to be an independent game developer. I'm starting with Flash games and I'm hoping to build up some kind of name for myself with things like the IGF--if I'm talented enough--and hopefully transition to making independent console games.
You know know that I look at that last sentance, the "if I'm talented enough" part is really irrelevant. Anyone on Giant Bomb has seen Quick Looks of games that are completely awful, yet got their developer exposure. I haven't made a game yet...but I know enough about myself to know that I wouldn't release something that I actually thought was godawful. The real worst-case scenario is something more along the lines of me releasing something that's rough around the edges (maybe even really rough) and being in a position where I need to refine my technique. That's not so bad.
So what does any of this have to do with making an account on Giant Bomb? Frankly, it's because our four champions have created something quite special when it comes to the Giant Bomb community; a community that's built around a fundamental love of games. Different kinds of gamers flock to the site but they all share a passion for games and everything about them. But that isn't the only thing that makes Giant Bomb so awesome, because if it was there wouldn't be any reason to come here rather than any of the thousands of other websites that are also frequented by people who genuinely love games. The other ingredient, in my observation, is the fact that Giant Bomb was built as a real community. The track-records of the creators combined with the kinds of services available combine to create actual camaraderie among the users. The fact is that even though there are a million websites that have forums and wikis and whatever, I can count maybe a dozen websites that I would describe as having real communities. 
So I made this account on Giant Bomb because I want to be a game developer, and it's a hell of a lot easier to be a pro basketball player if you are surrounded by people who love basketball.
Till next time,


"...only now, at the end..."

And thus, the first round of Whiskey Media account setup is done. I have abandoned my previous GiantBomb-only account for this sleek new one that remains consistent across all the WM sites (which the exception of Tested, which doesn't have quests for this stuff yet ;).

  • GiantBomb - qraham - Level 4
  • Screened - qraham - Level 4
  • ComicVine - qraham - Level 4
  • AnimeVice - qraham - Level 5 (odd)
Each of these accounts uses the same name (obviously), the same profile picture, and the same profile background image (just the pinkish/purplish color). It's worth mentioning that each of these accounts has also completed 4/5 of the Bestbuy "Next Class" quests (the 5 friends online at once quest was completed on AnimeVice super fast. Hopefully the rest will be completed by me leaving the pages open overnight).
There's still a bunch of stuff to do, like add a picture of me and start really getting into the wiki situation on all sites.
Anyway, that's it for this post, time to copy and paste it to the other sites.
Question is...which site had the original, and which sites got copies? :p