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The Bourne Conspiracy is the video-game equivalent of blueballs. 0

Let’s get one thing out of the way: The Bourne Conspiracy is one hell of an action game. Unfortunately, the length of the game is very disappointing, and as such, The Bourne Conspiracy could have been much more than it is. As it stands, The Bourne Conspiracy is easily the best movie-to-game title of the year. But that isn’t exactly saying much. The Bourne Conspiracy contains most of the plot points from the three movies, but it also delves back in to Bourne’s past as a deadly Tre...

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The multiplayer alone makes Call of Duty 4 a must-buy. 0

Infinity Ward have finally abandoned the World War II setting that the series is known for, and gone into the 21st century with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. While the campaign is criminally short, the quality of that campaign combined with an addictive multiplayer plus some really slick visuals make Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare the best first-person-shooter of 2007. Even though the campaign is short, the game covers a lot of ground in the 5-7 hours it will take you to complete the game, de...

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Army of Two isn't all that bad. 0

If you're a person that takes great pride in the Iraq war and the people that serve there, stay away from Army of Two. The multiple jabs at the U.S. Army, and actually killing Iraqi suicide bombers is definitely not for everyone. On the other hand, if you're looking for a good 6 hours of fun, co-op action and you're able to get past its strong subject matter, Army of Two should suit you just fine. Army of Two follows two guys named Rios and Salem. Rios and Salem serve in the US military, but so...

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Guitar Hero III is everything a Guitar Hero fan could want. 0

It wouldn't be wrong for you to go into Guitar Hero III with some sense of awareness; Neversoft has a reputation for churning out bad games by the truckload, but fear not, because Guitar Hero III is everything you could possibly ask for: it has better music, better graphics and it has online play. The increased difficulty is also something that veterans of the series will greatly appreciate. From the overall craziness of "Through the Fire and Flames" to the finger-crampingly awesome solo of "One...

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