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Favorite Videogame Characters

A game is only as interesting as the characters/people in them. These are my favorites.

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  • The only cool character in the Sonic universe. Rockin' the cleanest locks and some sort of glove, brass knuckle....things, tell me he isn't fly! Plus, his shoe colors probably means he is Jamaican, bonus points.

  • You gotto love a girl who can shoot guns AND has a British accent.

  • Riddick is one of the few purely bad guys who you can actually like.

  • Little Jacob is a true friend, no matter what, through bullets and dead bodies. That's what I call a friend.

  • Allegra made SSX 3. That's enough said right there. But if you read her in-game bio, she isn actually a deep person. And then there is the whole snowboarding thing in the game...yeah.

  • Parappa is just a rapper trying to make it. And if I can't relate to that!!! All he wants is to spit and get with his dream girl. You gotto believe!!!

  • Image if you could punch a guy who knew karate, and then all of a sudden, You Knew Karate! That is basically why Mega Man is great (this goes for Mega Man X too).

  • Dante and Nero are two sides of the same coin, but the sides still differ greatly.

  • He can use guns AND a sword. Apparently, there is a place that teaches marksmanship along with sword fighting. Who knew!

  • Yeah, she has style...and guns, that's enough for me...

  • If the crowbar is your "sense of touch" in the Half-Life 2 games, then Alyx is your sense of, well, everything else. Half-Life 2 is basically Alyx's story, and I wouldn't have it any other way. (Plus it's nice to see a Strong BLACK Woman in a videogame).

  • At first I didn't like Snake that much, pretty much because Konami keeps trying to turn him into the Chuck Norris of videogames, but I guess he is ok. After all, he can take down giant robots like its nothing.

  • For as much as I may not like him at times during GTA IV, there are times when I can truly relate to him. Even the time I don't like him, it's mostly because I know I might have done the same thing if I was in the situation. Plus, he's pretty good at bowling!

  • Usually a character you create yourself is pretty boring, but it speaks of Mass Effects strengths that he/she can be so engaging.

  • Beat might be the coolest Japanese/White boy on the block....after all, his head is apparently made of super huge headphones....yeah...

  • Claire might just be the most interesting character in the resident evil series....

  • Yuna is to FFX as Alyx Vance is to Half-Life 2. So meaning she is great.

  • GLaDOS is hilarious. Period.

  • I love Pictures. So someone who can make a career out of sneaking into places and taking pictures to start an entire revolution is cool in my book. Plus she isn't "slutted up" for the sake of popularity.

  • Sonya Blade gets down, period.

  • All K.K. Slider wants to do is come and chill. Walk around and see what's going on. It just so happens that people know that he plays the guitar, so everyone is always on his case to play songs. Just let him be!