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Games that I feel are generally overrated.

Many people love these games. I just don't see why....

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  • I love stylized games! But there is a point where stylized turns into stupid. This is one of those times.

  • An ok game, but certainly not the great game I was promised.

  • Just like Rock Band, this franchise can provide some fun, provided you are a fan of the music. Forturnately, I am not, so I can see the game for what it is, a simple rhythm game with expensive controllers.

  • Everyone seems to love this game, but honestly I don't see the appeal. I enjoy puzzle games, but the puzzle and RPG elements of this game really didn't come together in any pleasing way. The only thing worse than a bad game, is a game you can't remember. Puzzle Quest is one of those forgettable games.

  • I put the whole franchise just so I didn't miss the Vegas games either. I shouldn't feel bored when playing a first person shooter, slow paced doesn't equal sleepy paced.

  • Usually I have an in-depth reason for why I feel a game is overrated, but honestly this one boils down to me not enjoying playing the game.

  • When I hear people say things like "Rock Band is at its best when you get3 of your friends to play along", I say the game should come with 3 friends. Shipping with broken peripherals and iffy compatibility issues only increase the overrated stench of this game.

  • I played Vice City pretty much from beginning to end, and had a good time with it. But in the back of my mind I couldn't shake the feeling that the reason that many people loved this game was because they were merely in love with the 70's and not the game itself. This game had a lot of problems, including new problems that weren't in GTA III.

  • It's not that Call of Duty 4 is a bad game, but it is far from the game of the year masterpiece people claim it to be. Playing this game just left a bland and boring after taste in my mouth.

  • I get it, you fight zombies, and that is supposed to make it cool. Except for the part that, well, it isn't.