Rusty with the reflexes of a pregnant cow

     So, I'm off turn-based strategy and RPGs for now and am switching to shooters in light of the recent EA sale on Steam where I picked up the Crysis bundle. Now that I own a computer that can run this thing, I find myself getting completely raped every which way. If there were an achievement for number of deaths, I'd have earned it right about now. I've never been a huge run and gunner to begin with, perhaps I'm too analytical, maybe I lack a killer instinct, who knows?

     I've never been very L337 in shooters, ever. When playing online I do OK after awhile when I have a chance to get accustomed to the maps, general strategies, and best practices and such, mostly after a good deal of ownage. But much of the time I feel like I'm playing against kiddies with too much time on their hands, full up of too much Gamer Fuel Mountain Dew with the reflexes of a cheetah. It just makes me feel fucking old, it's depressing.


Dead Space

Just finished the first Dead Space. Excellent piece of sci-fi horror. Too bad I'm too much of a cheap ass to buy Dead Space 2 right now. I'll probably wait two years for a Steam holiday deal like I did with the first game.