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I actually really liked the dynamic of Dan on the beastcast and a few of their videos. I feel like Vinny and Alex are good about being excited to teach Dan something rather than the West office which kinda just sighed a lot when he didn't know things. Time to see GB West hire a non minority and people throw a tantrum again :D

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These awards are about as dumb as the "Who won E3" arguments.

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@brainling: "Interjecting criticism" and trying to harm sales because it's against your political beliefs are two different things. You didn't even begin to address the coercion aspect I was referring to.

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It still rubs me the wrong way when part of the argument is something like: Well we aren't forcing developers to change. When you're a writer of a blog, you're absolutely right, but when you have certain websites that deduct points from a game because it offends their political sensibilities, you are at least trying to coerce them into something.

I've enjoyed reading what you've written and I realize this is a minority of game sites but it's kind of an elephant in the room that people don't want to talk about.

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Games of Video in the Year 1992 CE

Least necessary use of CE goes to...

Anyway loved the clips. It amazes me how talented people are at editing something a day or two after it comes out.

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The list wasn't too bad considering other than number 11. In what world can you use whatever tone you want (regardless of gender) and not have people react accordingly? That one in particular stood out to me as "we couldn't come up with 25 things so don't look to close at this one." I'm no Sarkeesian fan, but a video that calls out problems that aren't hyperbolized or used to say all men are evil is a welcome change.

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I don't even had a smartphone to get these dumb companion apps and U-play continually has some major issue or another. Splinter Cell (Blacklist and Conviction) had a few extra suits but they were far from necessary and easily ignored but this is ridiculous.

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Well, guess I'm not getting FC4 since it won't work at launch and it won't be on sale. Shame, was pretty excited about more Far Cry.

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@yeliwofthecorn: You should feel good about it because the video provides both sides in a calm and rational manner. In contrast to almost every other video on the subject (including one posted last week by Patrick).

@fracture said:

At the end of the day in every instance of GG I am always left with the same questions for GG..

1) Why is the focus on all of the GG stuff keep being brought against women and smaller voiced women in the community? There never seems to be much that I read that there are demands being brought to bear against the bigger companies that actually could be forcing huge sales swings for their games if they are in cahoots with a game site as opposed to indie dev's?

2) What exactly is the desired end to this? What would need to happen with game news sites to allow the rest of us to go back to not having to read/hear about another female community member/dev/reporter/opinion person getting harassed in relation to this stuff?

At the end of the day it's video games, and in order for these sites to get information from those companies there has to be some level of friendliness.

1) Because anti-GG wants you to believe GG is all about oppressing women and other minorities. If we were only talking about what people tweet with hashtag #gamergate or similar, then yes that would be the focus. Fortunately, there's a ton of pro-GG people trying to improve the situation in a few communities (r/kotakuinaction) for example. Gawker, the main media company behind most of the highest criticized sites, has had a number of high profile advertisers cease doing business with them due largely to these communities.

2) Pro-GG people have actually tracked down and attempted to silence some of the worst offenders. In fact, one of the main Sarkeesian-hate spewing multi-account holder on twitter was tracked down in the past few weeks and reported to the police. Unfortunately, Anita must report the harassment herself or the police will not act. She has refused (possibly to avoid having less evidence of her harassment). But back to your question, what is the desired end of Feminism or similar movements? Every movement wants to improve things in the manner that they see as right. Gamersgate will continue until people no longer concerned/upset enough to continue. There's no ultimatums and organization is loose at best.

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The planet money and Cara Ellison articles were great. I have no idea why you would post the video about Gamersgate though. It's inaccurate and it just brings up the whole debate again when the site has already made their stance known. Seems like unnecessary antagonism.