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The Weekend... ME and CivRevolution opinions.

I was sick Friday night, all day Saturday, and finally starting to feel better Sunday. The only good thing about being sick is you can't do much but read or play games. I took the time to finally start Mass Effect, I played more Oblivion, and also picked up Civilization Revolution.

I'd talk about ME first, but lets start with Oblivion. I finally finished the Thieves Guild quest-line as well as the Fighters Guild quest-line. I swear I never had to sleep to have the thieves guild quests show up, but I sat around waiting forever for it to happen this time. I finally slept and bingo. The last mission took forever too.

Next up will be the Mages guild, which I have to be inducted into again after the thieves guild quest where I killed a mage... and I guess I can get back to the actual plot line again. I'm saving the dark brotherhood for last seeming I think it will cause some side quests and other stuff of that nature to disappear.

I didn't bother buying the expansions and I'm pretty sure I'll be done with the game by the time I finish up the last three main quest lines. One question for all you people out there though... can I finished the main quest line and close the Oblivion gates afterwards? I have put off the main quest line because I just haven't had time to close all the oblivion gates around and they have some pretty cool stuff in them.

Now, Mass Effect. I haven't played much of it, so this is mainly a first impression sort of thing... Is this game nothing more than a blatant rip of every good sci-fi franchise ever made? I'm serious. In the first mission I have been introduced the Turians, AKA the Klingons; the Geth, AKA the Borg; Spectures, AKA Jedi (heck they even do orders directly from a 'council'); and the Protheans, AKA The Precussors (from Star Control) or the Rakatans (from Knights of the old republic).

From an game 'culture' perspective it appears to be similar to Star Trek Enterprise. Yep, those poor disgusting humans are finally allowed out and about in the galaxy and are going to make trouble.

From a technology standpoint, the reason there is star travel is because of some 'magically' extinct super-race called the Protheans leaving around all their artifacts before 'disappearing'.

And last, the plot appears to be driven very similar to KOTOR where a 'vision' is what will be making your main character go all over the place.

From a graphical aspect the details on the characters are amazing including the face captures and what not. Now if only someone could figure out how to not make the eyes look like 'glass'. It looks worse than "the Polar Express" when it comes to character animation. And wtf is up with the poor lipsynching? The characters look good as 'stills', but once they start moving all of that just seems out of place. Kind of like a "Who let the rest of this crap into my movie?!!" sort of complaint.

I'll admit I haven't put a lot of time into the controls either, but I find them quite unintuitive right off the bat. I haven't found a good way to have my companions do anything useful yet... And generic play controls, like turning around, is about as un-fluid as possible. I swear I feel like Mario running on ice the whole game.

In short... It better improve and quickly. I'll probably read the manual now so I can learn the controls and such. As for the story and environment though, I'm pretty sure those that haven't been exposed to all of these elements hundreds of times in other games, movies, or books will find it fascinating, but to me it seems too 'copied'. I don't feel like investing a bunch of time to learn the new names of all the sci-fi I have already watched or read about from different franchises. So there better be something different show up soon.

Well, with that rant about my few hours of ME time... I ended up picking up Civilization Revolution and I LOVE IT! So far it is basically Civilization without all the unnecessary micromanagement. There is still a lot of micromanagement to be had to maximize everything, every turn, but for the most part it is hidden enough to make it fun. Especially late in the game. Every turn in the last 200 years doesn't take an hour in and of itself anymore... read that as 'no fiddling with workers 'fixing' land through the globe'. I think it is great! However...

They could have fixed a few things. Like 'Turn off Advisors' or 'Turn off animations' in the options menu. A better zoom out function and larger environments. I could also do without the 'cute' color scheme, though it doesn't bother me as much as most games found on the Wii right now. With options to keep the cartoony AI and Advisors from popping up all the time it wouldn't be that bad really.

But I would have to say I find this game quite fun... though I haven't tried playing on modes where the computer will most likely start cheating A LOT. Developers out there... take a hint from Galactic Civilizations and make a good AI that does NOT cheat to win and I would appreciate it.

So that was my weekend. I easily played 20 hours just Saturday and Sunday alone. It was good to have a vacation... now if I wouldn't have been throwing up the whole time (from being sick not the games), I think it would have been perfect.

PS: I'm double posting this on GS until I can decide which blog to use as my 'real' blog. Though it will probably be GB.


Um... Giant Bomb a dud?

I don't think it is, but I can't read comments anymore, or make them. My stuff I put in for submissions (though rather old contributions) is taking forever and I'm kind of affraid of spamming more submissions for the fear of duplication...

For example, I put in the track list for RB2... I didn't make it look that good and I want to go fix it, but it won't get accepted so I can fix it... by now probably 1000's of other people have done the same thing so what would be the point of going back and doing it again. That's the reason I decided to go old school. I figure no one is going to flesh out the intracies of Wing Commander or Thief...

But alas... anyhow leave a comment if you can... just to mock me because I can't read it. Or you can send me a PM.

I might just put the site on the back burner though until a little later. But by then I bet all the easy points will be had already and I'll have to work on the points little by litte over the next year.

Anyhow, cheers.


Embedding Youtube in Blogs... Sweet!

I haven't even heard of this song before the RB2 setlist has come out and I would have to say I really like it... check it out.

To embed youtube stuff in blogs, just simply go find it on youtube, on the right hand side there will be code to copy and paste that says 'Embed' - Go to your blog and click the HTML (blue button on the toolbar) paste the code in there... Viola!


Lesson in Bombhood... Forums

For those migrating from GS I'm sure you have gotten use to just going to the Wii/PS3/X360 boards for general discussion about your awesome platforms. At first glance the forums look like a mess here, but I found the GB equivalent for these forums.

At the top of your screen there is a 'Browse' tab... go there and click platforms. Then you can go to Wii or X360 etc. Inside there you can add the forum as a favorite (off to the right from the title header - add to favorites) - NOT to be confused with the 'Forum Favorites' right below the forum title, that takes you to your favorite forms, not 'favorite' the forum.

Once you do that, you can have quick access to the forum posts for your respective platform and games.

Anyhow,  hope that helps people to realize you can come here 'just for the forums' like other people.


Trying this out instead of GS

Well, here I am. I wasn't a big fan of the people than started GiantBomb when they were at GS, but if I can get rid of typing all my blog posts with linebreaks and what not so the forums and blogs aren't eating my whitespace I might make myself a home here.

But I'll have to make sure I look around at the features and what not. As I learn stuff I think is really cool, maybe I'll post stuff in here so others are aware of it.

Well, on to the game. GS vs GiantBomb... lets play!